2023 African Light Source Conference

from Monday, 13 November 2023 (08:00) to Friday, 17 November 2023 (23:30)

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13 Nov 2023
14 Nov 2023
15 Nov 2023
16 Nov 2023
17 Nov 2023
Partner (until 12:00) ()
10:00 Dark Matter Subhalo Properties in the Cosmic Web - Ms Feven Markos Hunde (Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences)   ()
10:15 Black Holes in Holography Thermodynamics - Ladghami yahya (Mohammed I University, Oujda, Morocco)   ()
10:30 Constraining the phantom dynamical dark energy model and smoothing the Hubble tension. - Ms Safae DAHMANI (Mohammed I University)   ()
10:45 Comparing phantom dark energy models using statefinder diagnostic - Dalale mhamdi (Laboratory of Physics of Matter and Radiations, Mohammed I University, BP 717, Oujda, Morocco)   ()
11:00 Deconvoluting source function from two-particle correlations in Heavy-ion Collision - Pierre Nzabahimana (Albion College and FRIB)   ()
11:15 Higgs inflation model with non-minimal coupling in hybrid Palatini approach - Brahim Asfour (LPMR, Faculty of sciences, Mohammed First University, Oujda.)   ()
11:30 Deblurring for Nuclear Physics - Sinethemba Neliswa Mamba (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS))   ()
11:45 Modified Hybrid Inflation, Reheating and Electroweak Vacuum stability - Ms Merna Ibrahim (Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University) Mr Mustafa Ashry (Faculty of Science, Cairo University)   ()
Partner (until 12:00) ()
10:00 Thermodynamic Properties of Duffin Kemmer Petiau oscillator in a magnetic field with EUP - Dr Lakhdar Sek (University of Eloued )   ()
10:15 Confined Atomic Systems in Charged Environments - Mustafa Moumni (University of Batna1)   ()
10:30 Mathematical and Physical Foundations for QED - Tepper Gill (Howard University)   ()
10:45 Terms of Trade, Institutional Quality and Exchange Rate Volatility in the Economic Community of West African States - Ms Rosemary Eshun (University of Education, Winneba)   ()
11:00 Comparative Study on X-ray Imaging with CsI(Tl) Scintillators: Monte Carlo Simulation using GEANT4 - Prof. Tarek El bardouni (Équipe de radiations et systemes nucléaires) Mr Charaf Eddine BENKABDI (ÉQUIPE DE RADIATIONS ET SYSTEMES NUCLÉAIRES)   ()
11:15 Tapered Fiber Connector and its performance analysis - Dr Ved Nath Jha (MLS College, Madhubani)   ()
11:30 A Novel Sparse Linear Array via Maximum Interelement Spacing Concept for DOA Estimation Applications - Dr Steven Wandale (Dept. of Electronics & Physics, University of Malawi)   ()
11:45 Freely Available Complete Video Optics Course - Rick Trebino (Georgia Institute of Technology)   ()
Partner (until 11:30) ()
10:00 Optimization of Properties of Bismuth doped Germanium-Antimony-Selenium-Tellurium for Threshold Switching Applications - Austine Amukayia Mulama (Maseno University, Kenya)   ()
10:15 Fabrication of dye sensitized solar cell using produced platinum doped multiwall carbon nanotube as counter electrode. - Dr Sharifat Olalonpe Ibrahim (Department of Physics, Federal university of Technology, Minna, Nigeria)   ()
10:30 Protocol for Dy3+ modified NaCaVO4 Nanophosphors in Solid-State Lighting Applications: Structural and Luminescence Investigations - KAMNI PATHANIA (SHRI MATA VAISHNO DEVI UNIVERSITY, KATRA,INDIA)   ()
10:45 Study of optical and energy transfer on co-activated ZnAl2O4:0.1% Tb3+, 0.1% Sm3+ nanomaterial prepared using the citrate precursor method. - Clinton Dlamini (south african)   ()
11:00 Cobalt Sulfide-Based Biosensor anchored on Graphene for Continuous Monitoring of glucose in sweat. - Ngutor Akiiga (Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology)   ()
11:15 Prediction of Polymorphism and Crystallographic Properties of Cinnamic Acid using CSD-Materials - Samuel Tetteh (University of Cape Coast, Ghana)   ()
Tea (until 11:45) ()
Partner (until 13:05) ()
11:45 Obtaining high yield recombinant Enterococcus faecium nicotinate nucleotide adenylyltransferase for X-ray crystallography - Olamide Jeje   ()
12:00 Layered high-pressure, high-temperature experiments with lunar Fe-Ti cumulate and Mg-rich mantle compositions to understand the origin of varied Ti-contents of lunar basalts - HIMELA MOITRA (INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY KHARAGPUR)   ()
12:15 First-principles investigation of MXenes M4C3 (M = Sc, Cr, and Mn) for clean energy - Mr El Mokhtar Darkaoui   ()
12:30 Laser-induced nonthermal diffusion of impurities and vacancies in Silicon - Mrs C. I. K. Mebou (University of Kassel)   ()
Partner (until 12:00) ()
10:00 Lamellipodia-like membrane protrusions regulate the integrity of epithelial cell-cell adhesions - Dr Yosuke Senju (Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science (RIIS), Okayama University)   ()
10:15 Effect of an ambient environment on light-induced degradation of organic solar cells based on a benzodithiophene–quinoxaline copolymer in air - Mrs Kidan Gebremariam (University lecturer)   ()
10:30 Biogeochemical Chlorination of Marine Organic Matter - Alessandra Leri (Marymount Manhattan College)   ()
10:45 Bio-fertilizers - Aondoakura Shaapera   ()
Opening - Philip Oluseyi Oladijo (Botswana International University of Science and Technology) (until 14:30) ()
14:00 Official Opening - Philip Oluseyi Oladijo (Botswana International University of Science and Technology)   ()
14:10 AfLS : Opening Address - Simon Connell (University of Johannesburg)   ()
14:20 AfPS : Opening Address - Ahmadou Wague (African Physical; Society)   ()
Plenary - Philip Oluseyi Oladijo (Botswana International University of Science and Technology) (until 15:30) ()
14:30 SESAME BM02-IR Microspectroscopy beamline: a plethora of opportunities - Gihan Kamel (SESAME Light Source)   ()
15:00 Coral reef formation from nanometers to kilometers - Prof. Pupa Gilbert (University of Wisconsin-Madison and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
AfLS Contribution - Philip Oluseyi Oladijo (Botswana International University of Science and Technology) (until 15:45) ()
15:30 Using X-PEEM and XANES to explore barnacle exoskeleton mineralization - Rebecca Metzler (Colgate University)   ()
Tea (until 16:00) ()
Plenary - Tshepo Ntsoane (Necsa) (until 17:00) ()
16:00 How can countries of the Global South get a fair deal out of membership and participation in Big Science projects? - Anna-Lena Rüland (Leiden University, NL)   ()
16:30 The African Strategy for Physics and Applied Physics - Mounia Laassiri (Mohammed V University)   ()
16:50 ASFAP Discussion - Ketevi Adikle Assamagan (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   ()
Tea (until 17:15) ()
Discussion -Prof. Nkem Khumbah (AAS) Lawrence Norris (African Physical Society ) (until 19:00) ()
17:15 Pan African and Ministerial perspectives - Prof. Nkem Khumbah (AAS)   ()
17:45 STF - African Regional Infrastructure - Diouma Kobor (University Assane Seck of Ziguinchor)   ()
18:00 STF - Collective African Membership of an International AdLS - Prof. Sonia Semedo (UFPLP and Universidade de Cabo Verde)   ()
18:15 STF - African Beamline at an International AdLS - Edward Mitchell (ESRF)   ()
18:30 African Ministers of Science Forum and STF Discussion - Lawrence Norris (National Society of Black Physicists)   ()
Tea (until 12:15) ()
Plenary - Kudakwashe Jakata (European Synchrotron) (until 15:30) ()
14:00 The role of synchrotrons in African Bio-science? - Thandeka Moyo (National Institute for Communicable Diseases)   ()
14:30 A new view of the Inner Core from the primary pressure scale derived from synchrotron X-ray study at high pressure - Eiji Ohtani (Tohoku University)   ()
15:00 Watching real materials in real devices with the atomic pair distribution function (PDF) - Simon Billinge (Columbia University)   ()
AfLS Contribution - Lawrence Norris (National Society of Black Physicists) (until 15:45) ()
15:30 The influence of cation disorder on the mineral physics of ankerite: new HP synchrotron X-ray diffraction data - Azzurra Zucchini (Department of Physics and Geology, University of Perugia (Italy))   ()
Tea (until 16:00) ()
Plenary - Marcus Newton (University of Southampton) (until 17:00) ()
16:00 ASESMA: the second decade and its role in new initiatives for scientific research - Richard Martin (University of Illinois)   ()
16:30 Scientific and Societal Impact of Synchrotron Light Sources - Qun Shen (Brookhaven National Laboratory)   ()
Tea (until 17:15) ()
AfLS Contribution - Michele Zema (International Union of Crystallography) (until 18:00) ()
17:15 Exploration of the deep Earth water cycle: a collaboration of first-principles calculations and synchrotron x-ray diffraction studies - Jun Tsuchiya (Geodynamics Research Center, Ehime University)   ()
17:30 Quantifying trace metal stoichiometry of marine microalgae by synchrotron x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (SXRF) - Laura Sofen (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences)   ()
17:45 Experiences in several synchrotrons as a user and as staff using infrared spectroscopy and X-ray microscopy - Dr Diana E. Bedolla (International Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology)   ()
Plenary (until 19:00) ()
18:00 LAAAMP : Lightsources for Africa, Asia, Americas, Middle East and Pacific - Sekazi Mtingwa (Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Brookhaven National Laboratory& African Laser Centre)   ()
18:30 New beamlines for Siam Photon Source-II in Thailand - Chanan Euaruksakul   ()
Plenary -Dr Prosper Ngabonziza (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research) (until 15:30) ()
14:00 Synchrotron X-Ray micro-computed tomography on beamlines BM18 and BM05 at the ESRF and current applications in biomedicine, material sciences and natural and cultural heritage - Dr Kathleen Dollman (ESRF)   ()
14:30 A structural biology approach to win the fight against infectious diseases - Emmanuel Nji (BioStruct-Africa)   ()
15:00 Africa Bioimaging Consortium - Strengthening the microscopy community in Africa - Dr Caron Jacobs (UCT - Disease and Molecular Medicine and Wellcome-CIDRI)   ()
AfLS Contribution - Prosper Ngabonziza (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research) (until 15:45) ()
15:30 New opportunities on the studies of matter at extreme conditions in the ESRF-EBS - Gaston Garbarino (ESRF)   ()
Tea (until 16:00) ()
Plenary -Dr Kathleen Dollman (ESRF) (until 17:00) ()
16:00 Status and Capabilities of INDUS-2 at Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology - Dr Tapas Ganguli (Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology )   ()
16:30 Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy at Synchrotron Light Source - Prosper Ngabonziza (Louisiana State University)   ()
Tea (until 17:15) ()
Plenary - Gihan Kamel (SESAME Light Source) (until 17:45) ()
17:15 FinEstBeAMS: a beamline for atmospheric and materials sciences at MAX IV Laboratory - Antti Kivimäki (Lund University)   ()
AfLS Contribution - Gihan Kamel (SESAME Light Source) (until 19:00) ()
17:45 Exploring grain-scale chemistry of African meteorites using Synchrotron X-ray Fluorescence Microprobes - Paul Northrup (Stony Brook University)   ()
18:00 Instrumentation Neutron Activation Analysis & Proton Induced X-RAY Emission techniques supported with Machine learning analysis for rare earth/macro/micro elements correlation from O. Sativa Rice varieties in Senegal River valley - Alassane TRAORE (Universite Cheikh Anta Diop Dakar)   ()
18:15 Synchrotron X-ray studies of superconducting vacancy-ordered monoclinic Titanium monoxide films during synthesis - Divine Kumah (Duke University)   ()
18:30 Phytonanoremediaton using mangroves and iron nanomaterials to remove heavy metals - Dr Keyla Soto Hidalgo (University of Puerto Rico)   ()
18:45 Spectroscopy capabilities in the VUV - Soft X-ray region at the Canadian Light Source, the Variable Line Spacing-Plane Grating Monochromator beamline - Lucia Zuin (Canadian Light Source)   ()
Plenary - Lawrence Norris (National Society of Black Physicists) (until 15:45) ()
14:00 4th Generation High Energy Synchrotron X-rays at the ESRF: A Pivotal Large-Scale Tool with Socio-Economic Benefits - Dr Michael Krisch (ESRF)   ()
14:30 LATAM Synchrotron in the Greater Caribbean and AfLS - Galileo Violini (Centro Internacional de Física, Bogotá)   ()
14:45 Frontier Synchrotron Technologies Contribution to Society : The role of light source governance structures to explain it - Dr Victor Del Rio (SOCIEDAD MEXICANA DE LUZ SINCROTRÓN A.C.)   ()
15:15 How to build skills for the African Synchrotron - Prof. Brenda Valderrama (Instituto de Biotecnología UNAM)   ()
15:30 Crystallogenesis and structural research on human transferrins as potential drug transporter using Synchrotron techniques - Prof. Abel Moreno (Institute of Chemistry, UNAM)   ()
Tea (until 16:00) ()
Plenary -Prof. Sonia Semedo (UFPLP and Universidade de Cabo Verde) (until 17:00) ()
16:00 Sirius Light Source - machine and Science highlights and a message for Africa - Prof. Harry Westfahl (LNLS)   ()
16:30 SESAME, a perspective view - Andrea Lausi (SESAME)   ()
Tea (until 17:15) ()
Plenary - Sekazi Mtingwa (Massachusetts Institute of Technology & Brookhaven National Laboratory& African Laser Centre) (until 18:15) ()
17:15 An overview of the Munich CLS - Prof. Franz Pfeiffer (Technical University of Munich)   ()
17:45 Elettra - Machine and Science Highlights, a message for Africa - Dr Giorgio Paolucci   ()
AfLS Contribution - Marielle AGBAHOUNGBATA (Semi City) (until 19:00) ()
18:15 Commwealth Chemistry - The Federation of Commonwealth Chemical Sciences Societies - Prof. Peter Mallon   ()
18:30 Status of Hefei light source II, a recently constructed IR-FEL, and the new 4th generation diffraction limited storage ring - Prof. Heten Li (National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (China))   ()
18:45 Finnish Synchrotron Radiation User Organisation (FSRUO) - Prof. Simo J Huotari (Finnish Synchrotron Radiation User Organisation (FSRUO))   ()
Plenary - Marielle AGBAHOUNGBATA (Semi City) (until 15:30) ()
14:00 The Photon Factory: Some XAFS studies and a message for Africa - Hitoshi Abe (Photon Factory (PF), Institute of Materials Structure Science (IMSS), High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK))   ()
14:30 X-TechLab in Benin as a model for human capacity building in X-Ray science - Thierry d'Almeida (CEA)   ()
15:00 Recent highlights from Diamond Light Source - Andrew Quigley (Diamond Light Source)   ()
AfLS Contribution - Marielle AGBAHOUNGBATA (Semi City) (until 15:45) ()
15:30 Temperature and Moisture Triggered Crystallization of Triple Cation-Mixed Halide Perovskite Cells to Reduce Phase Segregations - Mr Elly Miller Shatsala (Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)   ()
Tea (until 16:00) ()
Plenary - Edward Mitchell (ESRF) (until 16:45) ()
16:00 AfCA : Introduction update and working towards the AfLS - Gift Mehlana (Zimbabwe Chemical Society)   ()
16:30 Importance of X-ray diffraction for the economic and industrial development of Latin American countries - Dr Carolina Santacruz-Perez (International Science Council)   ()
Closing - Philip Oluseyi Oladijo (Botswana International University of Science and Technology) (until 17:00) ()
Tea (until 17:15) ()