4-8 July 2016
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<a href="http://events.saip.org.za/internalPage.py?pageId=10&confId=86">The Proceedings of SAIP2016</a> published on 24 December 2017

The Proceedings of SAIP2016

The Proceedings of SAIP2016, the 61st Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics

ISBN: 978-0-620-77094-1

Publication Date: 24 December 2017
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Author names, Title (optional), in The Proceedings of SAIP2016, the 61st Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics, edited by Dr. Steve Peterson and Dr. Sahal Yacoob (UCT/2016), pp. xxx - yyy. ISBN: 978-0-620-77094-1. Available online at http://events.saip.org.za

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Full Research Papers from the SAIP2016 Proceedings

Division A - Division for Physics of Condensed Matter and Materials

Effect of temperature and CH4/ZrCl4 molar ratio on ZrC layers deposited in a vertical-wall CVD system
S Biira, B A B Alawad, H Bissett, J T Nel, T T Hlatshwayo, P L Crouse and J B Malherbe

Tunable photoluminescence emission of sol-gel ZnO films prepared by spin coating technique
E Hasabeldaim, O M Ntwaeaborwa, R E Kroon, E Coetsee and H C Swart

Pick-off annihilation of delocalized positronium in BaF2 at elevated temperatures

T P Jili, E Sideras-Haddad and D Wamwangi

Synthesis and characterisation of Y2O3:Bi3+ phosphor material
E Lee, H C Swart and J J Terblans

Theory for diffusivity measurements when the temperature is ramped linearly
J B Malherbe, O S Odutemowo, C C Theron, E G Njoroge, T T Hlatshwayo

Evolutionary algorithm simulation study of β−MnO2 nanoclusters
P W Masoga, P E Ngoepe and R R Maphanga

Molecular dynamics studies of Lithium intercalation into amorphous nanostructure of Titanium dioxide.
M G Matshaba, D C Sayle and P E Ngoepe

Effect of calcination on the structural and magnetic properties of nickel chromite
P Mohanty, C J Sheppard and A R E Prinsloo

Role of swift heavy ion irradiation on the structural and magnetic properties of Ti0.95Co0.05O2−δ epitaxial thin films
P Mohanty, C Rath, C J Sheppard and A R E Prinsloo

Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 doped with Dy3+ ions by sol gel method.
M S Mokoena, M Y A Yagoub, O M Ntwaeaborwa and H C Swart

Ferromagnetism in magnetic 4f-systems
V Nolting

Effect of Annealing Temperature on Optical and Electrical Properties of Sol-Gel ZnO Thin Films
T K Pathak, H C Swart and R E Kroon

Spectroscopic investigation of Tm3+ containing Lithium borate glasses
D D Ramteke and H C Swart

Characterization of the fine structures associated with E3 defect in GaAs by application of Laplace DLTS
F Taghizadeh, K Ostvar, W E Meyer and F D Auret

Effects of different Ga doping concentration on structural and optical properties of Ga–doped ZnO nanoparticles by precipitation reflux method

J Ungula, F B Dejene and H C Swart

Division B - Nuclear, Particle and Radiation Physics

NLO Rutherford Scattering and Energy Loss in a QGP
A Khalil and W A Horowitz

Implementation of the preamplifier response function for the iThemba LABS segmented clover detector
T D Bucher, E A Lawrie, O Shirinda, T S Dinoko, J L Easton, N Erasmus, S H Mthembu, W X Mtshali, S P Noncolela

The search for the Dark Vector Boson via the Higgs Portal
S H Connell

Investigation of the low-lying excitation region in 9B
D J Marín-Lámbarri, N J Mukwevho, S Triambak, E H Akakpo, P Adsley, J W Brummer, T Dinoko, S Jongile, M Kamil, N Kheswa, K C W Li, P Z Mabika, S H Mthembu, F Nemulodi, R Neveling, N Orce, P Papka, L Pellegri, V Pesudo, B Rebeiro, F D Smit, G F Steyn and W Yahia-

The search for crystal undulator radiation
D Bosho, M Copeland, F Haffejee, Q Kilbourn, B MacKenzie, C Mercer, A Osato, C Williamson, P Sihoyiya, M Motsoai, M Connell, C A Henning, S H Connell, N L Palmer, T Brooks, J Härtwig, T N Tran Thi, U Uggerhoj and the PEARL Collaboration

Proton induced radiation damage to the fluorescence capability of plastic scintillators for the Tile Calorimeter of ATLAS
H Jivan, R Erasmus, M Madhuku, B Mellado, G Peters and E Sideras-Haddad

Estimation of jet-faked muon background in W-boson scattering at √s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector
L Michael and H McConnell

Neutron irradiation and light transmission assessment of plastic scintillators of the TileCal section of the ATLAS detector
J E Mdhluli, R Erasmus, Y U Davydov, H Jivan, S Liao, C Pelwan, E Sideras-Haddad, B Mellado, G Peters and C Sandrock

The K600 with CAKE and BaGeL
R Neveling, F D Smit, P Adsley, J W Brummer, J Carter, C A Diget, H O U Fynbo, M Freer, N J H Hubbarb, D G Jenkins, M Kamil, M Khumalo, M Kohne, K C W Li, P Z Mabika, D J Marin-Lämbarri, N J Mukwevho, F Nemulodi, P Von Neumann-Cosel, P Papka, L Pellegri, V Pesudo, B Rebeiro, E Sideras-Haddad, G F Steyn, J A Swartz, S Triambak, I T Usman, C Wheldon, Tz Wheldon and J J van Zyl

Tracking Electrons Produced by Compton Scatter within a Prompt Gamma Imaging Device
S W Peterson, M Hillebrand, D Mackin, E Draeger, S Beddar and J Polf

Investigating prompt gamma emission for a Carbon target using AFRODITE clover detectors
V Ramanathan, S Peterson, K Li, P Papka, E Lawrie, K Lawrie, J Kiener, S Ouichaoui, W Yahia-Cherif, A Belhout, P Jones, D Moussa, B Hinda, S Damache, A Chafa, M Debabi, K Raju M, T Dinoko and D Bucher

Estimation of fake rate background in same sign W±W± production at the LHC with ATLAS Detector
X Thusini, A Hamilton and S Yacoob

Constraining hypothetical extensions to the Higgs sector at the LHC
Stefan Von Buddenbrock, N Chakrabartyb, A S Cornell, D Kar, M Kumar, T Mandal, Bruce Mellado, B Mukhopadhyaya, R G Reeda and X Ruan

Division C - Photonics

Photobiomodulation of Isolated Lung Cancer Stem cells
A Crous and H Abrahamse

Single-photon probing of plasmonic waveguides
J Francis and M Tame

Simulaser, a graphical laser simulator based on Matlab Simulink
C Jacobs and W Koen

Nonlinear optical processes in two and multilevel atoms: a theoretical and numerical study
M Patel, G De Jager, Z Nkosi and K Govender

Applying the technique of ultrafast pump-probe spectroscopy on the main plant light-harvesting complex of spinach leaves
A Singh and T P J Krüger

Experimental characterisation of a metamaterial optical partial polariser in the quantum regime
S A Uriri, T Tashima and M S Tame

Division D1 - Astrophysics

Existence of anti-Newtonian solutions in fourth-order gravity
A Abebe

Calibration of statistical methods used to constrain pulsar geometries via multiband light curve modelling
M C Bezuidenhout, C Venter, A S Seyffert and A K Harding

Isotropic energy and luminosity correlations with spectral peak energy for five long Gamma-Ray Bursts
F F Dirirsa and S Razzaque

Integrability conditions for nonrotating solutions in ƒ(R) gravity
M Elmardi and A Abebe

New calibration sources for very long baseline interferometry in the 1.4-GHz band
M K Hailemariam, M F Bietenholz, A de Witt and R S Booth

Ultrahigh-energy neutrino events in current and future neutrino telescopes from nearby Gamma-Ray Bursts
J K Thomas, R Moharana and S Razzaque

Long-term monitoring of TeV Blazars with the Watcher Robotic Telescope
J P Marais, B van Soelen, R J Britto and P J Meintjes

Graph theory and pulsar astronomy tie the knot: the use of labeled graph kernels in exploring the pulsar P-P diagram
J Maritz, E Maritz and P Meintjes

Constraining Lorentz Invariance violation using directional correlations of Gamma-Ray Bursts with IceCube cosmic neutrinos
R Moharana and S Razzaque

Investigating gamma-ray fluxes from globular clusters
H Ndiyavala, P Krüger and C Venter

Variability in supersoft X-ray sources RX J0537.7-7034 and RX J0038.6+4020
M M Nyamai, A Odendaal , P J Meintjes and A Udalski

Identifying new narrow-line Seyfert 1 galaxies and white dwarfs from the second ROSAT all-sky survey catalogue
A Odendaal, T Boller, F Haberl and P J Meintjes

Investigating the hot gas in active brightest cluster galaxies
A L Ratsimbazafy and S I Loubser

Correlation study of multi-wavelength transient emission of selected CRTS cataclysmic variables
H Szegedi, A Odendaal and P J Meintjes

Emission modelling of numerical hydrodynamical simulations with application to active galactic nuclei jets
I P van der Westhuizen, B van Soelen and P J Meintjes

A comparative timing analysis of Suzaku X-ray data of the nova-like variable system AE Aquarii
H J van Heerden and P J Meintjes

Solving the radiative transfer equation for maser environments
R van Rooyen and D J van der Walt

The contribution of photons from the circumstellar disc to gamma-gamma absorption in PSR B1259-63
B van Soelen and I Sushch

Analysis of the rich optical iron-line spectrum of the x-ray variable I Zw 1 AGN 1H0707−495
H Winkler and B Paul

Division D2 - Space Science

Automated scheduling for a robotic astronomical telescope
D Maartens, P Martinez and R van Rooyen

Near-Earth Object Avoidance Mitigation: Profiting One Rock at a Time
G C MacLeod

Cosmic ray ground level enhancements: Power of the pulse shape
O Ogunjobi and R D Strauss

Ionospheric characterisation of the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly using a mobile ship-based dual-frequency GPS Ionospheric Scintillation and Total Electron Content Monitor
A Vermeulen, P J Cilliers and P Martinez

Division E - Education

Teaching students problem solving with the ‘light bulb effect' cognitive diagrammatic representation
C Albers, D Clerk and D Naidoo

The development of views on the nature of science of learners in a science enrichment programme
V M Baloyi, W E Meyer and E Gaigher

Understanding of vector addition and subtraction by first year university students: graphical versus algebraic methods
E Carleschi

Termites in our Tests? The role of stigmergy in our examination system
D Clerk, D Naidoo and C Albers

Student difficulties in vectors: foothold ideas
I John

Physical models: A crucial link between reality and mathematical models
M Lemmer and R Gunstone

Shoestring Practicals and the Teaching of Problem Solving
D Clerk, D Naidoo and C Albers

Division F - Applied Physics

Dose perturbations of unilateral Ti prosthesis in the dosimetry of 6 MV photon beam
N Ade and F C P du Plessis

Radiation Shielding Analysis and Optimisation for the MinPET Kimberlite Sorting Facility using the Monte Carlo Calculation Code, MCNPX
E M Chinaka, Z Zibi, J van Rooyen, S H Connell and M N Cook

Using Geant4 to create 3D maps of dosage received within a MinPET diamond sorting facility
M N H Cook and S H Connell

A genetic algorithm approach to enhancing the performance of a PET detector array
M N H Cook and S H Connell

A method for examining water absorption in sand using fast neutron radiography
G C Daniels, V Dangendorf, A Buffler and K Tittlemeier

Effect of atmospheric turbulence on entangled photon field generated by partially coherent pump beam
S Joshi, Y Ismail and F Petruccione

Volume determination of irregular objects by hydrostatic weighing at NMISA
B Ndlovu and R T Mautjana

A High Speed OCT System Developed at the CSIR National Laser Centre
A Sharma, A Singh, T Roberts, R Ramokolo and H Strauss

Spark Plasma Sintering of 2507 Duplex Stainless Steel Reinforced with TiC
R Sule, P A Olubambi, I Sigalas, J K O Asante and S W Maseko

Comparison of measurement results obtained from three different calibration systems for performing accelerometer calibration
M L Temba and V Tyalimpi

How local conditions affect solar irradiance and photovoltaic module performance in South Africa
H Winkler

Division G - Theoretical and Computational Physics

Probing quark gluon plasma in pA collisions
D M Adamiak and W A Horowitz

Density functional theory on a lattice: Self-consistent Hartree plus exchange approximation
K Amouzouvi and D Joubert

First-principles studies of transition metal defects in a MoS2 monolayer
N F Andriambelaza, R E Mapasha and N Chetty

Small (q−1) expansion of the Tsallis distribution and study of particle spectra at LHC
T Bhattacharyya, J Cleymans, A Khuntia, P Pareek, R Sahoo

Quantum Boltzmann evolution of the Quark-Gluon Plasma
W Grunow and A Peshier

Energy loss of open strings with massive endpoints in AdS/CFT
W A Horowitz and A Andrianavalomahefa

Are we gauging the pressure correctly?
G Jackson and A Peshier

Partition function zeros of adsorbing self-avoiding walks
E J Janse van Rensburg

Next-to-leading order electron-quark scattering
G J Kemp and W A Horowitz

Evolution of quark masses and flavour mixings in 5D for an SU(3) gauge group
M O Khojali and A S Cornell

Short Path Length Energy Loss in the Quark Gluon Plasma
I Kolbé and W A Horowitz

Phenomenology of additional scalar bosons at the LHC
M Kumar, S von Buddenbrock, N Chakrabarty, A S Cornell, D Kar, T Mandal, B Mellado, B Mukhopadhyaya, R G Reed and X Ruan

Quantum corrections to the kink-antikink potential
Z Lee and H Weigel

Two-Higgs doublet model and the LHC
C Mosomane

Wilson lines and color-neutral operators in the color glass condensate
J M Alcock-Zeilinger and H Weigert