9-13 July 2012
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Influence of working atmosphere on Y<sub>3</sub>(Al,Ga)<sub>5</sub>O<sub>12</sub>:Tb thin films grown by PLD technique

10 Jul 2012, 17:30
IT Building

IT Building

Poster Presentation Track A - Division for Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Poster Session


Mr Abdelrhman Mohmmed (University of the Free State- Department of physics)

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H.C Swart, swarthc@ufs.ac.za, University of the Free State, Department of physics

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Y3(Al,Ga)5O12:Tb thin films were grown on Si (100) substrates using the pulsed laser deposition technique. The influence of working atmosphere (base pressure, O2, Ar and N2) on the morphology and structure of the thin films were investigated by Atomic force microscopy (AFM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD) respectively. Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) was employed to analyze the surface chemical composition of the films and the Auger data confirmed the presence of all major elements, namely Yttrium (Y), Aluminum (Al), Gallium (Ga) and Oxygen (O) present in Y3(Al,Ga)5O12:Tb phosphor. The brightest emission was given by the film which was deposited in oxygen atmosphere, which indicated that oxygen is the best working atmosphere for this kind of material. Depth profiles show the change in atomic concentration as well as the thickness of the thin films.

Primary author

Mr Abdelrhman Mohmmed (University of the Free State- Department of physics)


Prof. Martin Ntwaeaborwa (University of the Free State)

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