3-7 July 2017
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The Proceedings of SAIP2017

The Proceedings of SAIP2017, the 62nd Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics

ISBN: 978-0-620-82077-6

Publication Date: 31 December 2018
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Author names, Title (optional), in The Proceedings of SAIP2017, the 62nd Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics, edited by Prof. Japie Engelbrecht (SU/2017), pp. xxx - yyy. ISBN: 978-0-620-82077-6. Available online at http://events.saip.org.za

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Full Research Papers from the SAIP2017 Proceedings

Division A - Division for Physics of Condensed Matter and Materials

Investigation of Thermoelectric Properties of CH3NH3PbI3: Density Functional Theory and Boltzmann Transport Calculations
I O Abdallah, D P Joubert and M S H Suleiman

First-principles investigation of lattice thermal conductivity and structural stability of CH3NH3PbI3
I O Abdallah, D P Joubert and M S H Suleiman

The role of the pre-exponential factor in the segregation profiles of Cu(111)-SnSb and Cu(100)-SnSb ternary alloys
J K O Asante and W D Roos

Quasiparticle band structure and optical properties of alpha-MnO2: a beyond density functional theory investigation
M Chepkoech, D P Joubert and G O Amolo

Intermediate valence behavior in the new ternary compound Yb13Pd40Sn31
R F Djoumessi, A M Strydom, F Gastaldo, I Curlik; M Reiffers and M Giovannini

Mechanical milling effect on the structural and magnetic properties of sintered La0.67Sr0.33MnO3
I P Ezekiel, T Moyo and S Dlamini

Predicting the Mo substitution and vacancy-complex induced electrical defect levels in Ge
E Igumbor, O Olaniyan, R E Mapasha, H T Danga and W E Meyer

Analysis of the structure, particle morphology and photoluminescent properties of green emitting BaB8O13:Ce3+ phosphor
M A Lephoto, K G Tshabalala, S J Motloung and O M Ntwaeaborwa

First-principles stability study of olivine NaMPO4 (M: Mn, Fe,Co)
N L Lethole, H R Chauke and P E Ngoepe

Optimisation of inorganic-organic photoactive hybrid thin films
S S Magubane, T F G Muller, C J Oliphant and C J Arendse

Structural and thermodynamic properties of Zr-Nb-Co compound.
M M Malebati, P E Ngoepe and H R Chauke

The structural and sensing properties of cobalt and indium doped zinc oxide nanopowders synthesised through high energy ball milling technique
M F Manamela, T E Mosuang and B W Mwakikunga

Mechanical properties and temperature dependence of B19 Ti50-xZrxPt50 shape memory alloys
M P Mashamaite, H R Chauke and P E Ngoepe

Bias enhanced nucleation and growth for improving the optomechanical properties of diamond-like carbon films
W M Mbiombi, B A Mathe, D Wamwangi, R Erasmus and D G Billing

Atomistic simulation of the structure and elastic properties of pentlandite structure (Ir9S8)
M A Mehlape, D Tanzwani and P E Ngoepe

Computational modelling study of the Ti50Pt50-xCux shape memory alloys
R Modiba, H Chikwanda and P E Ngoepe

The effect of thiol collectors on nickel-rich (110) pentlandite surface using density functional theory
P P Mkhonto, H R Chauke and P E Ngoepe

Gas-Sensing Properties of TiO2 Nanoparticles Double Doped with Ag and Cu
O O Nubi and T E Mosuang

Investigation of the magnetic ground state of PrRu2Ga8 compound
M O Ogunbunmi and A M Strydom

Numerical simulation of structural, electronic and optical properties of vanadium diselenide (VSe2)
E Rugut, D Joubert and G Jones

Elastic properties of chalcogenide based phase change memories by surface Brillouin scattering
D Wamwangi, B Mathe, M Baloi, D G Billing, C Persch, M Salinga and M Wuttig

Thermoelectic properties of Sm3Rh4Ge13
S P Xhakaza, B M Sondezi and A M Strydom


Division B - Nuclear, Particle and Radiation Physics

Measurements of natural radioactivity in soil using an array of cerium doped lanthanum bromide scintillator detectors
M Bashir, R T Newman and P Jones

Investigating the diffusion of Xe implanted into glassy carbon
M Y A Ismail, J B Malherbe, O S Odutemowo, T T Hlatshwayo, E G Njoroge and E Wendler

Calculation of the energy produced from radiative capture in SAFARI-1
L Jurbandam, O M Zamonsky

The impact of an extended Inner Detector tracker on the W+-W+-jj measurement in pp collisions at the High-Luminosity LHC with the upgraded ATLAS detector
C Lee, R van Tonder and S Yacoob

High-fidelity modelling of the ETRR-2 research reactor
M Mashau, S A Groenewald and F A van Heerden

Assessing the impact of rock phosphate storage on uranium and thorium concentration in soil samples from Richards Bay using neutron activation analysis
F B Masok, P L Masiteng, R D Mavunda, P P Maleka and H Winkler

Composite Scintillators - A new type of radiation hard scintillator
J E Mdhluli, Yu I Davydov, V Baranov, S Mthembu, R Erasmus, H Jivan, B Mellado, E Sideras-Haddad, A Boyarintsev, T Nepokupnaya, Y Onufriyev and I Vasiliev

Geometrical validation of New Small Wheel simulation software
C Mwewa, V Cairo, A Dell'Acqua, A Hamilton, V Martinez and S Yacoob

Reconstruction of missing energy in events with two photons at the ATLAS detector in Large Hadron Collider
K G Tomiwa, X Ruan, S Liao and B Mellado

Performance of various event generators in describing multijet final states at the LHC
S von Buddenbrock

Production of the Madala boson in association with top quarks
S von Buddenbrock


Division C - Photonics


Division D1 - Astrophysics


Structure formation with causal bulk viscosity
G Acquaviva, A John and A Pénin

Exploring the potential of the dark matter candidate from the Madala hypothesis with multi-frequency indirect detection
G Beck and S Colafrancesco

Spectral analysis of Fermi-LAT gamma-ray bursts with known redshift and their potential use as cosmological standard candles
F F Dirirsa, S Razzaque and F Piron

Optimization of galaxy identification algorithms in large Hi surveys
T Gqaza, R C Kraan-Korteweg, B Frank, M Ramatsoku, T H Jarrett, E Elson and A C Schroeder

Reverberation mapping of a z ~ 0:375 active galactic nucleus
M S Hlabathe, E Romero-Colmenero, S M Crawford and LCO AGN Key collaboration

Modelling the hardening of gamma-ray spectra by extragalactic background light
A M Kudoda and A Faltenbacher

Probing quantum gravity through strong gravitational lensing
S Marongwe and M Mafu

Quasi-Newtonian scalar-tensor cosmologies
H Sami and A Abebe


Division D2 - Space Science

Division E - Education

Division F - Applied Physics

Simulation of Ground Level Spectral Solar Irradiance in Rwanda using LibRadtran.
M C Cyulinyana and H Winkler

A new D-T neutron facility at UCT
T Hutton and A Buffler

Testing the scattering distribution of a photon in a turbid medium using Monte Carlo simulations
T Mabhengu, M C Cyulinyana and H Winkler

Computational comparison of a novel cavity absorber for parabolic trough solar concentrators
K Mohamad and P Ferrer

Numerical modelling of control rod calibrations and fuel depletion at the OPAL research reactor
R Mudau, D Botes and F A Van Heerden

The proposed improvements of the hydrometer calibration system using Cuckow's method at NMISA
B Ndlovu, R T Mautjana and D J Mabena

The MinPET diamond discovery technique
T Nemakhavhani, D Unwuchola, R C Andrew, M N H Cook, S H Connell, S E Ballestrero, U Uggerhoj, S Pape Moller, P Aggerholm, N Hertel and J A Swartz

Calculation of direct and di use solar irradiance components using a Slob Algorithm model in Gauteng conditions.
L C Nethwadzi and H Winkler

An investigation of synchronisation techniques for a handheld QKD device
S Pillay, M Mariola and F Petruccione

System control applications of low-power radio frequency devices
R M van Rensburg, B Mellado and C J Sandrock


Division G - Theoretical and Computational Physics


How quantum is bird migration: A review
B Adams, I Sinayskiy and F Petruccione

Entanglement and gravity
J M Hartman, S H Connell, C Engelbrecht and F Petruccione

Heavy flavor tagged photon bremsstrahlung from AdS/CFT
W A Horowitz

Matrix logarithmic quantum wave equation
M Znojil and K G Zloshchastiev