15-19 November 2021
Hosted by X-TechLab
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
Big Science and Big Goals for Africa

About X-Tech Lab

X-TechLab is a platform dedicated to the use of X-ray Techniques for scientific and technological research around development issues specific to the African continent. It is carried by the Sèmè City Development Agency (ADSC) Government agency responsible for the implementation of one of the flagship projects of the Government's Action Program, the International City of Innovation and Knowledge.


The platform has set itself two main objectives:

  • Train the scientific community of Benin and the sub-region to integrate X-ray techniques into their research work.
  • Contribute to the emergence at the continental level of a breeding-ground of experts who will be able to lead the future pan-African synchrotron and define its priority areas.

These objectives can be broken down into three specific missions for the platform's privileged interlocutors.


  • Training: Two training sessions, of two weeks each, of training each year in May and November covering two axes: crystallography & X-ray diffraction and tomography & mathematical engineering. The training mission is aimed at the Beninese and African scientific community.

For more information check out the X-TechLab website.