9-13 July 2012
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Azimuthal Decomposition of Optical Modes

12 Jul 2012, 16:20
Oral Presentation Track C - Photonics Photonics


Mrs Angela Dudley (CSIR National Laser Centre)

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Prof Andrew Forbes, AForbes1@csir.co.za, CSIR National Laser Centre

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We outline a simple approach, using only digital holograms, to perform an azimuthal decomposition of optical modes carrying orbital angular momentum. The decomposition is executed by obtaining the inner product of the incoming mode with a predetermined match filter, which is programmed as a digital hologram. We demonstrate the success of this technique by decomposing a mode which consists of a superposition of two orbital angular momentum carrying Bessel beams, having an arbitrary phase delay between them. From our measurements we are able to reconstruct the spatial distribution, phase and orbital angular momentum density of the initial mode. The ability to decompose modes (especially those carrying orbital angular momentum) is relevant in both classical and quantum optics, as well as the field of mode multiplexing for optical communication.

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Primary author

Mrs Angela Dudley (CSIR National Laser Centre)


Prof. Andrew Forbes (CSIR National Laser Centre) Dr F. S. Roux (CSIR National Laser Centre) Dr Igor Litvin (CSIR National Laser Centre)

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