9-13 July 2012
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Beam-generated electrostatic instabilities in two-electron temperature space plasmas

12 Jul 2012, 11:20
Oral Presentation Track D2 - Space Science Space Science


Mr Lifa Mbuli (SANSA Space Science/University of the Western Cape)

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Prof. Ramesh Bharuthram, rbharuthram@uwc.ac.za, University of the Western Cape

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Using kinetic theory, beam-generated wave instabilities are investigated in a four-component plasma composed of drifting warm electrons (magnetic field-aligned), hot and cool electrons, and background ions. All species are fully magnetized. A number of instabilities such as the electron acoustic, modified two-stream and electron beam resonant instability are found to be supported. The dependence of the growth rate and real frequency on plasma parameters such as electron beam speed, particle density and temperature, magnetic field strength, wave propagation angle, and temperature anisotropy of the electron beam is examined. It is found that the beam speed is crucial in determining which instability is excited.

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Primary author

Mr Lifa Mbuli (SANSA Space Science/University of the Western Cape)


Prof. Ramesh Bharuthram (University of Western Cape) Dr Shimul Maharaj (SANSA Space Science)

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