9-13 July 2012
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Exploring Dark Energy and the Dark Equation of State

13 Jul 2012, 11:40
Oral Presentation Track D1 - Astrophysics Astrophysics


Mr Gopolang Mohlabeng (University of Kansas)

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John Ralston, ralston@ku.edu, University of Kansas

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Type 1a Supernovae at cosmological distances have become a primary Probe for Dark Energy and Dark Matter. We independently explore a recent data compilation which includes 414 sources from a fairly recent study done by Kowalski et al. We use the traditional Chi-squared fitting techniques and model-independent correlation statistics. We find that substantially different values of the cosmological parameters, Ωm, Ω&Lambda and w are obtained by modestly relaxing the conventional procedures described in Literature. We also explore the question of the Anisotropy of Dark Energy and the effects of new parameters in the equation of state.

Primary author

Mr Gopolang Mohlabeng (University of Kansas)

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