25-29 June 2018
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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The Proceedings of SAIP2018

The Proceedings of SAIP2018, the 63rd Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics

ISBN: 978-0-620-85406-1


Publication Date: 18 November 2019
The Proceedings of SAIP2018 will only be available electronically. The papers are ordered by SAIP Division and then alphabetically by first author surname. The PDF file of the Proceedings can be navigated from the Table of Contents by clicking on the appropriate paper title. Alt + left-arrow navigates back to the previous view. All the content of the PDF file is searchable. 

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Author names, Title (optional), in The Proceedings of SAIP2018, the 63rd Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics, edited by Prof. Japie Engelbrecht (NMMU), pp. xxx - yyy. ISBN: 978-0-620-85406-1. Available online at http://events.saip.org.za

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Full Research Papers from the SAIP2018 Proceedings

Division A - Division for Physics of Condensed Matter and Material

Electronic and Optical Properties of Lead-Free Hybrid Perovskite CH3NH3SnI3 from First Principles Calculations
I O Abdallah, D P Joubert and M S H Suleiman

Structural, elastic and electronic properties of binary titanium-based shape memory alloys
M E Baloyi, R Modiba, P E Ngoepe and H R Chauke 

First principles investigation of structural, elastic, electronic and optical properties of Barium seleno-germanate, Ba2GeSe4
A Barde and D P Joubert
Growth and structural characterization of germanium on Pt(111)
C Dansou, G B Geetha, E Carleschi and B P Doyle
A numerical study of heterogeneous annealing in a finite one-dimensional geometry
J Lethoba, P M Bokov and P A Selyshchev
ZnO nanoparticles doped with cobalt and indium mechanochemically for methane gas sensing application
M F Manamela, T E Mosuang and B W Mwakikunga
First principle studies of palladium nanoparticles on titanium dioxide surfaces for catalytic application
A F Mazibuko, R G Diale, H R Chauke and P E Ngoepe
Effect of temperature on the structure and dynamic properties of metal sulphide nanostructures via molecular dynamics simulation
M A Mehlape, T G Mametja, T E Letsoalo and P E Ngoepe
Lattice thermal conductivity of bulk PtTe2 and PtSe2
H A H Mohammed, D P Joubert and G M D Nguimdo
Magnetic and physical properties of new hexagonal compounds PrPt4X (X = Ag, Au)
M O Ogunbunmi and A M Strydom
Crystal structure and thermodynamic properties of the non-centrosymmetric PrRu4Sn6 caged compound
M O Ogunbunmi and A M Strydom
Thermoelectric properties of CdGa2O4 spinel
E Rugut, D P Joubert and G Jones
The structural, electronic, and optical properties of CH3NH3PbI3
A S A Sidahmed and D P Joubert
Structural and optical properties of spin coated graphene oxide films
B C Tladi, R E Kroon and H C Swart

Division B - Division for Nuclear, Particle and Radiation Physics

A comparative study of the high fluence neutron radiation effects on the properties of plastic scintillator UPS- 923A for the TileCal of the ATLAS detector
V Baranov, Y I Davydov, R Erasmus, C O Kureba, J E Mdhluli, B Mellado, G Mokgatitswane, E Sideras- Haddad, I Vasilyev and P N Zhmurin
AdS/CFT predictions for correlations, suppression, and flow of heavy flavours at RHIC and LHC
R Hambrock and W A Horowitz
Performance of missing transverse energy reconstruction in pp collisions at 13 TeV in the diphoton channel with ATLAS
S Liao, B Mellado and X Ruan
Background estimation for multilepton and b-jets analysis at ATLAS at the LHC
J Monnakgotla, L Mokoena, L Mashishi, Y H Jimenez and B Mellado
Studying the effects of pileup on the leptonic properties in the
 ZZ  4ℓ channel using the ATLAS detector
O Mtintsilana and T Lagouri
Mitigating the effect of fake missing energy using Machine learning technique in the ATLAS experiment
K G Tomiwa, X Ruan and B Mellado

Division C - Division for Photonics

Measurements of phase distortions through pulse characterization
G O Dwapanyin, G W Bosman, P H Neethling and E G Rohwer
Using optical tweezers to measure the forces exerted by molecular motors in onion cells
A Erasmus, G W Bosman, P H Neethling and E G Rohwer
The effect of photobiomodulation at 660 nm on the differentiation of diabetic wounded WS1 human fibroblasts into myofibroblasts
D R Mokoena, N N Houreld, S S Dhilip Kumar and H Abrahamse
Investigation of a specifically targeted photosynthetic nanoparticle drug delivery system for enhanced photodynamic therapy treatment of metastatic melanoma
C Naidoo, C A Kruger and H Abrahamse
Simulation of time-domain terahertz ellipsometry measurements towards data extraction
S Smith, P Neethling and E Rohwer

Division D1 - Division for Astrophysics

Dark matter gets DAMPE
G Beck and S Colafrancesco
Probing the intergalactic magnetic field through observations of high-energy gamma rays produced by electromagnetic cascades
B Bisschof, B van Soelen and P J Meintjes
Gamma-Gamma Absorption in γ-ray Binaries
D C du Plooy and B van Soelen
Hα images of nearby galaxy groups NGC193 and NGC940
S Hattingh, S I Loubser, A Babul and E O’Sullivan
Star formation histories of Brightest Group Galaxies in CLoGS
O C Havenga, S I Loubser, E O'Sullivan, A Babul and A Ratsimbazafy

Search for Gamma-ray emission in the White Dwarf pulsar of AR Scorpii
Q Kaplan, H J van Heerden, P J Meintjes, A Odendaal and R Britto
The search for γ-ray emission from AE Aquarii using Fermi-LAT Pass 8 Data pipeline 2008-2018
S T Madzime, H J van Heerden, P J Meintjes, A Odendaal and R J Britto
Did Dark Matter Kill the Dinosaurs?
M Sarkis and G Beck
Probing quantum gravity at low energies 
J Tarrant, G Beck, and S Colafranesco
Implications for gamma-ray production from updated orbital parameters for LMC P3 with SALT/HRS
B van Soelen, N Komin, D du Plooy, P V ais anen and A Kniazev

Division D2 - Division for Space Science

dSECS: Including Variometers in Geomagnetic Field Interpolation
M J Heyns, S I Lotz and C T Gaun

Division E - Division for Physics Education

The relativistic length transformation: more than a Lorentz contraction
R E Kroon

Division F - Division for Applied Physics

Migration behaviour of selenium implanted into polycrystalline-SiC
Z A Y Abdalla, T T Hlatshwayo, E G Njoroge, M Mlambo, E Wendler, J B Malherbe

Photodynamic therapy using Sulfonated Aluminium Phthalocyanine mix for the eradication of cervical cancer: an in vitro study
E P Chizenga and H Abrahamse

Experimental and Numerical Measurement of the thermal performance for parabolic trough solar concentrators
K Mohamad and P Ferrer

Tuning the Bandgap of Bulk Molybdenum Disulphide using Defects
P V Mwonga, S R Naidoo, A Quandt and K I Ozoemena
DFT Study of selected croconate dye molecules for application in dye sensitized solar cells
T S Ranwaha, N E Maluta and R R Maphanga

Division G - Division for Theoretical and Computational Physics

Quasi-normal modes of spin-3/2 fields in D-dimensional Reissner-Nordstr
öm black hole spacetimes using the continued fraction method
A S Cornell and G E Harmsen 

Full phase space simulation of the relativistic Boltzmann equation in the context of heavy-ion collisions
E W Grunow and A Peshier
Bose-Einstein condensation from a gluon transport equation
B A Harrison and A Peshier
Quantitative Predictions of Heavy Flavor Photon Bremsstrahlung in Heavy Ion Collisions from AdS/CFT
W A Horowitz
Oscillating cosmological correlations in f(R) gravity
N Namane, H Sami and A Abebe
Using the Ultra-relativistic Quantum Molecular Dynamics (UrQMD) model to extract the thermal conductivity transport coefficient of hadron gas
T Nemakhavhani and A Muronga