10-14 July 2016
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Computational Code in Atomic and Nuclear quantum optics: computing multiphoton and autoionization resonances in a strong external electromagnetic field

12 Jul 2016, 16:30
Board: 113
Poster Presentation Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Poster Session


Prof. Alexander Glushkov (Odessa State University-OSENU) Ms Marina Gurskaya (Odessa State University-OSENU)

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We present an advanced combined relativistic operator perturbation theory (PT) and energy approach [1,2] computational approach to dynamics of finite Fermi systems (heavy atoms, nuclei, molecules) in an intense laser field. Numerical results of computing multi-photon resonance and ionization profile in Na, Cs, Ba atoms are listed [2]. New data on the DC, AC strong field Stark resonances, multi-photon and autoionization resonances, ionization profiles for a few heavy atoms (Eu, Tm, Gd, U) are presented. The direct interaction of super intense laser fields in the optical frequency domain with nuclei is studied within the operator PT and the relativistic mean-field (plus Dirac-Woods-Saxon) model [2,3]. T A nuclear dynamic (AC) Stark shift of low-lying nuclear states due to off-resonant excitation by laser field (I~1025-1035 W/cm2) is studied and is described within the operator perturbation theory and the relativistic mean-field (RMF) model for the nucleus [2]. We list results of AC Stark shifts of single proton states in nuclei 16O, 168Er, 171Yb and compared these data with known results [3]. Shifts of several keV are reached at intensities of roughly 1034 for 16O, 57Fe and 1032 W/cm2 for heavier nuclei.
1.A.Glushkov, L.Ivanov, Phys.Lett. A. 170, 33 (1992); A.Glushkov, in: Adv. in Quantum Methods, Ser.: Progr. in Theor.Phys. and Chem.y, Eds. M.Hotokka, J.Maruani, E. Brändas, G.Delgado-Barrio (Springer). 27, 161 (2014); Frontiers in Quantum Systems in Chem. and Phys. (Springer). ibid. 18,505 (2008); ibid. 19,125 (2009); 22,131 (2011).
2. V.Gol’dansky, V.Letokhov, JETP. 78, 213 (1974); A.Glushkov, L.Ivanov, V.Letokhov, Preprint ISAN, NAS-1, Moscow (1991); A. Shahbaz etal, Nucl.Phys. A821,106 (2009)

Primary author

Prof. Alexander Glushkov (Odessa State University-OSENU)


Mr Andrey Smirnov (Odessa State University-OSENU) Dr Anna Ignatenko (Odessa State University-OSENU) Ms Marina Gurskaya (Odessa State University-OSENU) Prof. Olga Khetselius (Odessa State University-OSENU) Mr Valery Mansarliysky (Odessa State University-OSENU)

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