2-6 September 2013
STIAS Conference Centre
Africa/Johannesburg timezone

-Strehl ratio, divergence, M2 factor –What is good for describing the propagation of a diffracted laser beam?

5 Sep 2013, 14:00
STIAS Conference Centre

STIAS Conference Centre

Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study Wallenberg Research Centre 10 Marais Road Stellenbosch South Africa www.stias.ac.za
Oral Presentation Session IX: Space


Prof. Kamel AIT-AMEUR (CIMAP-ENSICAEN,Caen, France)

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We consider the transverse characteristics of a laser beam suffering amplitude or phase diffraction. In particular, we consider the correlation or the absence of correlation between the parameters divergence angle, Strehl ratio and M2 factor usually used for describing the focusability of a laser beam. We will also introduce the concept of transverse correlation of a laser beam. We will give concrete examples for which the information holds by the above parameters is contradictory, and can disturb for instance the monitoring of a distributed lensing effect or the determination of the focal volume.

Primary author

Prof. Kamel AIT-AMEUR (CIMAP-ENSICAEN,Caen, France)


Dr Abdelhalim BENCHEIKH (LOA, Sétif, Algeria) Prof. Andrew FORBES (NLC-CSIR, Pretoria) Mr Boualem BOUBAHA (Faculté de Physique-USTHB, Algiers) Mr Darryl NAIDOO (NLC-CSIR, Pretoria) Dr Michael FROMAGER (CIMAP-ENSICAEN,Caen, France) Dr Thomas GODIN (CIMAP-ENSICAEN,Caen, France)

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