3-4 November 2022
The Lakes Hotel & Conference Centre
Africa/Johannesburg timezone

Prompt gamma neutron activation

Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGAA) is a non-destructive technique used to quantitatively determine the presence and amount of elements in a sample irrespective of the chemical composition. Different neutron spectra are generally used to detect different elements.

 PGNA-C: Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation – Cold

Includes Neutron Depth Profiling with special application to Lithium ion battery technology. Detection of H, C, N, St, P, S, Cd, Hg

​​​​​​​ PGNA-H: Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation – Hot

Detection of U, Th, Rb, Sr, Mo, Sb, Cs, Ba, Ta, Tb

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ PGNA-T: Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation – Thermal

Detection of Dy, Eu, In, Mn, Lu, Au, V

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ PGNA-F: Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation – Fast

Detection of Mg,  Cl, Co,  Ni, Nb, F,  Na, Ti, Zr,  La,  Pb, Al, Cu, Zn, Ru, Sb, Hf, G,  As, V, Br, Rb, Mo, Pd,  Sn, Gd, Ir,  Pt, Mn,  Se, Sr,  Y, I,  Cs, In, Ba, Ag, W, Au