3-4 November 2022
The Lakes Hotel & Conference Centre
Africa/Johannesburg timezone

SA Stakeholder Engagement on Neutron Scattering 2022

The South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) SOC Limited, in collaboration with the Department of Science & Innovation and the Department of Mineral Resources & Energy will be hosting the continuation of the SA Stakeholders engagements on Neutron Scattering (NS) with the forthcoming SA-SENS2022 hybrid workshop. The event is scheduled for 3 and 4 November 2022.

Please take note of the change in venue to The Lakes Hotel & Conference Centre in Lakefield, Benoni.

Recordings of the event can be viewed on:

Personal communication can be lodged through sa-sens@necsa.co.za.


The purpose of this workshop is to consolidate interactions with existing Neutron Scattering (NS) users, as well as to inform and invite potential future users from academia, science councils and industry, as important stakeholders, on the value addition NS techniques can offer research infrastructure advancement in South Africa. Neutron scattering applications cover many fields within the sciences, engineering and technology sectors, of which the following have been identified to be of initial relevance:

  • Biological and life sciences ​
  • Catalyses​
  • Crystallography: Inorganic chemistry​
  • Crystallography: Organic chemistry​
  • Energy storage and conversion materials​
  • Engineering applications​
  • Geosciences​
  • Magnetism​
  • Nanomaterials ​
  • Palaeontology and heritage sciences

Neutron Scattering in South Africa

Necsa operates the South African Fundamental Atomic Research Installation (SAFARI-1) research reactor that currently hosts two neutron diffraction instruments in the applications neutron powder diffraction and neutron strain scanning, with a neutron imaging instrument that is in an upgrade phase.

This workshop (and potential future editions) engages attendees to determine requirements and expectations to access and use existing neutron beam line instruments at SAFARI-1, their future expansion and capacitation, as well extrapolating the needs to the future replacement Multi-Purpose Reactor (MPR). This will substantially expand the research infrastructure and capacity available to South African researchers.

To ensure that the MPR is adequately equipped as a fully fledged neutron scattering facility, an essential suite of neutron scattering instruments needs to be determined in consultation with the User Community. By implication this includes in-situ capabilities such as sample environments and in-operando systems.


To reach as many interested parties as possible, SA-SENS2022 will also be hosted as a hybrid event, however in-person participation is highly encouraged, subject to approval. Registration on this site is mandatory for participation. Registration is free.

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Thursday 3 and Friday 4 November 2022   Workshop
The Lakes Hotel & Conference Centre
1 Country St Lakefield Benoni 1501
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