6 October 2021
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
ASNAEM-2020 Workshop

Growing a user base for an African Synchrotron facility

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Dr George Clerk


The glaring absence of a synchrotron facility in Africa is a growing concern, which has triggered efforts leading towards the establishing of such a facility, creating the opportunity for developing the knowledge base, skills, train and maintain the personnel for transforming the renewable energy landscape. The African Synchrotron Network for Advanced Energy Materials (ASNAEM) conducted a study to assess the potential user base for a future pan-African synchrotron light source.

This study includes a survey of scientists to provide insight into the objectives, opportunities and challenges of their research, their experience with stakeholders (for e.g. government and industry) and recommendations for improving their experience doing research. Also, it included a qualitative study of the current state of Synchrotron use in Africa, and the opportunities, challenges and the potential impact on society. The project focuses on obtaining data through open-ended and conversational communication.
The findings underpin the need for a synchrotron facility on the continent and the need for boosting the developing a research culture, providing broad infrastructure for supporting the work of scientists, which includes.

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