8-12 July 2019
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
Deadline for papers for the conference proceedings is 15 August 2019

The Proceedings of SAIP2019

The Proceedings of SAIP2019, the 64th Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics


ISBN: 978-0-620-88875-2

Publication Date: 10 October 2020


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Author names, Title (optional), in The Proceedings of SAIP2019, the 64th Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics, edited by Prof. Makaiko Chithambo, (SU/2019), pp. xxx - yyy. ISBN: 978-0-620-88875-2. Available online at http://events.saip.org.za

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  Corrigenda to The Proceedings of SAIP2019, the 64th Annual Conference of the South African Institute Of Physics, ISBN: 978-0-620-88875-2

Corrigendum to Unifying Dark Matter and Dark Energy in Chaplygin Gas Cosmology
Corrigendum to ‘Radiological Assessment of Weenen farmland Samples, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Full Research Papers from the SAIP2019 Proceedings

Division A - Division for Physics of Condensed Matter and Materials

M T Morukuladi, N L Lethole, M C Masedi, N N Ngoepe and P E Ngoepe

Ab Initio Study of Ti50Pt50-xHfx (𝒙 = 6.25, 18.75, 25) Potential Shape Memory Alloys
M E Baloyi, R Modiba, P E Ngoepe and H R Chauke



Abdu Barde and Daniel P Joubert





The effect of iron-particles on the electrical properties of n-GaSb semiconductor material
A Bele, LT Selepe, ME Sithole
Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect of a distorted Kagomé lattice:Gd3Os4Al12
R. Djoumessi Fobasso, B.N.Sahu, A.M. Strydom

Large magnetocaloric effect in Dy2NiSi3
Jean J Mboukam,Baidyanath Sahu,André M Strydom
Structural stability and electronic properties of bulk, bilayer and monolayer PtX2 (X =SeandTe)
Hamza A H Mohammed, GM Dongho-Nguimdo and Daniel P Joubert
Effect of Co addition on the structural, electronic and magnetic properties of Fe16N2 employing first principles approach
R Modiba and P E Ngoepe

Study of lattice defects in BaF2 at elevated temperatures using positron annihilation and X-ray diffraction methods
T P Jili, E Sideras-Haddad, D Wamwangi, D Billing, C L Ndlangamandla and M Khulu
Magnetic and thermodynamic properties of the CeRhGa4 compound
Precious MMabidi, Buyisiwe M Sondezi,Baidyanath N Sahu and André M Strydom
Structural and magnetic characterization of Sm3+ ion substituted Zn-Mn nanoferrites synthesized by glycol-thermal method
T. A. Nhlapo, J. Z. Msomi, T. Moyo

Division B - Nuclear, Particle and Radiation Physics




Electronic Stopping Force of 16O and 28Si Heavy Ions in Tantalum Nitride by Time of Flight Spectroscopy
T Nkwashu, M Msimanga, and S J Moloi
Testing and Simulating the Response of a New Tracking Sensor for the ATLAS Detector
Ryan Justin Atkin
Background estimation in the measurement of the top quarkmassusing J/Ψ mesons with13TeV proton-proton collision data from the ATLAS experiment
Kevin Nicholas Barends
Radiological Assessment of Weenen Agricultural Fields Samples
MJ Mvelase, PLMasiteng, RDMavunda, PP Maleka 
Compatibility of a simplyfied BSM model with the observed excesses in multi-lepton production at the LHC
Phuti Rapheeha, Xifeng Ruan and Bruce Mellado
High mass VBF categorization for narrow-width resonance searchesinthe H → ZZ → 4ℒ channel with the ATLAS detector
Mzwandile Thabede, Theodota Lagouri, Xifeng Ruan and Bruce Mellado
Search for a resonance in the diphotonplus b-jet final states inthe ttH and bbH production
Esra Mohammed Shrif, Xifeng Ruan and BruceMellado
Top-quark background estimation for BSM physics search H → Sh → 2ℒ+ 2 jets with the ATLAS detector atLHC
Jeremiah Kgomotso Monnakgotla, Yesenia Hernández Jimenez and Bruce Mellado
A Deep Neural Network for Missing Transverse Momentum Reconstructionin ATLAS
Matthew Leigh
Anomalies in the production of multiple leptons at the LHC
Stefan von Buddenbrock and BruceMellado

Geant4 in a new role - Reactor Physics
A Cilliers1, SHConnell, J Conradie, MNHCook, RMudau, P Naidoo, DNicholls

Division D1 - Astrophysics

Multi-messenger hunts for heavy WIMPs
Geoff Beck
Constraining f(R)-gravity models with recent cosmological data
Renier Hough, Amare Abebe and Stefan Ferreira
Multi-wavelength study of large-scale outfows from the Circinusgalaxy
R Ebrahim, A Chen, D Prokhorov, K Thorat , G Jozsa and P Serra
A radiative transfer model for hydrogen recombination line masers
A Prozesky and DP Smits
Surface brightness profiles of nearby central group galaxies
S Hattingh and SI Loubser
Phenomenology ofaxion-like particles coupling with photons in the jets of active galactic nuclei
Ahmed Ayad and Geoff Beck
Unifying Dark Matter and Dark Energy in Chaplygin Gas Cosmology
Anna-Mia Swart, Renier Hough, Shambel Sahlu, Heba Sami, Thato Tsabone, Rubby Aworka, Maye Elmardi and Amare Abebe

Perturbations in a Chaplygin gas Cosmology
Shambel Sahlu, Heba Sami, Anna-MiaSwart, Thato Tsabone, Maye Elmardi and Amare Abebe

Division E - Education

An evaluation of the impact of scientific explanation model on pre-service teachers’ understanding of basic concepts in electricity
M N Khwanda and P Molefe

Division F - Applied Physics

Density functional theory study of copper zinc tin sulphide (Cu2ZnSnS4) doped with calcium and barium
TM Mlotshwa, NE Maluta, RR Maphanga
Construction and testing of a magneto-optical trap for laser cooling of rubidium atoms
Kessie Govender, Adrian Wyngaard and Rory Pentz
  ThaboJames Lepota, BruceMellado
Low Voltage Power Supply production,hardware upgrade and testing for the ATLAS Tile Cal Front-End Electronics system 
Edward Nkadimeng,Thabo Lepota, Rogervan Rensburg,Charles Sandrock, and BruceMellado
A case study on monitoring Potential Induced Degradation (PID) recovery in multi-crystalline modules
I M Kwembur, J L Crozier McCleland, F J Vorster and E E van Dyk
Investigating the feasibility of using neutron activation to measure elemental pollution in the Richards Bay area
Sizwe Mhlongo, Sfiso Ntshangase, Peane Maleka and NtombizikhonaNdlovu
Low Dose Radiation Damage in Diamond from High Energy Electrons and Photons
T Nemakhavhani, R Andrew, JE Butler, SH Connell, MN Cook, R Erasmus, J Van Rooyen

Division G - Theoretical and Computational Physics
The Equation of State(EoS) of hadronic matter from the microscopic Ultra-relativistic Quantum Molecular Dynamics (UrQMD) model
T.E Nemakhavhani, M Younus, A Muronga
Computation of the effective potential in the gauge-Higgs unification model with an SU(3) representation
A S Cornella , A Deandreab , C Cotc, and MO Khojalid

Non-Abelian Corrections for Radiation in QCD 
W. A.Horowitz

Solving the SchrÖdinger Equation using Sinc Functions in one and two dimensions, employing Python and Numpy
Obiageli Lovenda Ezenwachukwu and Moritz Braun




A 2+1D Monte Carlo generator for jets in heavy ion collisions
I Kolbé, JG Milhano, UA Wiedemann and K C Zapp