13-19 March 2016
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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The Italian VLBI network: first results and future perspectives

16 Mar 2016, 09:00
Oral Presentation 3: Stations, Correlators, and Operations Centers Oral3: Stations, Correlators and Operations Centres


Mr Matteo Stagni (IRA - INAF)


A first 24-h Italian VLBI geodetic experiment, involving the Medicina, Noto and Matera antennas, shaped as an IVS standard EUROPE, was successfully performed. Starting from the correlator output, a geodetic database was created and a typical solution of a small network was achieved, here presented. From this promising result, we have planned new observations in 2016, involving the three Italian geodetic antennas, that should be the beginning of a possible routine activity, creating a data set that can be combined with GNSS observations to contribute to the National Geodetic Reference Datum. Particular care should be taken in the scheduling of the new experiments in order to optimize the number of the usable observations. These observations can be used to study and plan future experiments in which the time and frequency standards can be given by an optical fiber link, so having a common clock at different VLBI stations.

Primary author

Mr Matteo Stagni (IRA - INAF)


Mr Giuseppe Bianco (ASI) Ms Monia Negusini (IRA - INAF)

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