13-19 March 2016
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Current Status of Shanghai VLBI Correlator

16 Mar 2016, 10:00
Oral Presentation 3: Stations, Correlators, and Operations Centers Oral3: Stations, Correlators and Operations Centres


Dr Wu Jiang (SHAO,CAS)


Shanghai Astronomical Observatory has upgraded its DiFX cluster to a 420 cpu cores and a 432 TB storage system at the end of 2014. An international network connection for the raw data transfer has also been established. The routine operations for IVS sessions including CRF, AOV, and APSG series began from the ealy 2015.Some X/Ka fringe search experiments were conducted with Tianma 65-m radio telescope in order to check its performance. In addition to the IVS observations, the correlator is also dedicated to astrophysical and astrometric observations with Chinese VLBI network, the east Asian VLBI network and some international joint VLBI observations. Meanwhile, comparisons to the domestic software correlator and the SFXC correlator are to be made with DiFX. Shanghai correlator is also planning a more powerful platform for the future correlation tasks.

Primary author

Dr Wu Jiang (SHAO,CAS)


Prof. Fengchun Shu (SHAO,CAS) Mr Tianyu Jiang (SHAO, CAS) Prof. Zhiqiang Shen (SHAO, CAS) Dr Zhong Chen (SHAO, CAS)

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