13-19 March 2016
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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First Local Ties from Data of the Wettzell Triple Radiotelescope Array

15 Mar 2016, 11:25
Oral Presentation 3: Stations, Correlators, and Operations Centers Oral3: Stations, Correlators and Operations Centres


Prof. Torben Schüler (Geodetic Observatory Wettzell - BKG)


The Geodetic Observatory Wettzell features a 20 m radiotelescope (RTW) as well as two new 13.2 m TWIN telescopes. Whilst RTW performs routine operations since 1984, the first of the TWIN telescopes, TTW1, has entered its productive phase in mid 2014, and TTW2 has just been equipped with an Elevenfeed broadband receiving system. The triple telescope array at Wettzell establishes a geodetic very short baseline interferometry network. Local correlation yields group delay observations for baseline estimation from VLBI data alone without any immediate augmentation by terrestrial measurements. Apart from relative positioning of the telescopes, these are versatile capabilities for an end-to-end quality control of the VLBI data. Results from local VLBI data analysis will be portrayed in this contribution and compared to the latest local ties from precision terrestrial surveying. Moreover, monitoring results of the TTW2 reference point will be presented and an initial concept for continuous surveillance of the TWIN reference points is discussed.

Primary author

Prof. Torben Schüler (Geodetic Observatory Wettzell - BKG)


Dr Alessandra Bertarini (Bonn Correlator - IGG/MPIfR) Dr Axel Nothnagel (University of Bonn - IGG) Mr Christian Plötz (Geodetic Observatory Wettzell - BKG) Prof. Cornelia Eschelbach (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences) Mr Michael Lösler (Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences) Mr Sebastian Halsig (University of Bonn - IGG) Mrs Swetlana Mähler (Geodetic Observatory Wettzell - BKG) Dr Thomas Klügel (Geodetic Observatory Wettzell - BKG)

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