13-19 March 2016
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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The Statistic Analysis of Atmospheric Effects of Differential VLBI

17 Mar 2016, 12:00
Oral Presentation 5: Geodetic and Astrometric VLBI Results Oral5: Geodetic and Astrometric Results


Mr Shuangjing Xu (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)


During the Chinese Lunar Mission hundreds of VLBI observations have been carried, we re-analysis all the quasar observations which used to calibrate the satellite observables. In each observation there are two quasar scans lasting about one hour, we use these data by splitting them into different time intervals and doing self-calibration each other in phase-referencing style to investigate the relationship of differential atmospheric delay and different “time-switching”. In this report we will present our primary result.

Primary author

Mr Shuangjing Xu (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)


Dr Guangli Wang (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory)

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