13-19 March 2016
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Status of the X/S Source Catalog

17 Mar 2016, 09:15
Oral Presentation 5: Geodetic and Astrometric VLBI Results Oral5: Geodetic and Astrometric Results


Dr David Gordon (NVI Inc./GSFC)


The current state of the X/S source catalog is presented and compared to ICRF2. There are currently ~60% more observations and ~30% more sessions than were used for ICRF2. An ICRF made today would have ~20% more sources than ICRF2 and the average inflated formal errors would be ~2.4 times better than ICRF2. Much of this improvement has come from the VCS-II campaign on the VLBA, in which the average inflated formal errors of 2062 sources were reduced by a factor of 3.7 and 324 new sources were added. Additional new sources have come from the RDV/RV, CRF, AUST, AUA, and AOV sessions. In addition to the current status, we will present some of the additional goals for the X/S catalog before ICRF3 in 2018. This includes improving the positions of a limited number of sources for Gaia alignment and for X/Ka comparisons.

Primary author

Dr David Gordon (NVI Inc./GSFC)


Dr Karine Le Bail (NVI Inc./ GSFC)

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