7-11 July 2014
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Microstructure evolution of rutheniumwith 6H-SiC interface under vacuum annealing and the implications for the performance of its Schottky contact for high temperature operating diodes.

8 Jul 2014, 15:20
D Les 103

D Les 103

Oral Presentation Track F - Applied Physics Applied


Mr Kinnock Vundawaka Munthali (University of Namibia)

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Thin films and Schottky diodes dots of ruthenium (Ru) on bulk-grown n-type-6-hexagonal-silicon carbide (6H-SiC) were annealed isochronally in a vacuum furnace at temperatures ranging from 500 -1000C. Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy analysis of the thin films showed formation of ruthenium silicide (Ru2Si3) at 800C,while diffusion of Ru into 6H-SiC commenced at 800C. Raman analysis of the thin films annealed at 1000C showed clear D and G carbon peaks which was evidence of formation of graphite . At this annealing temperature the Schottky contact was observed to convert to an ohmic contact, as evidenced by the linearity of current-voltage characteristic , thereby rendering the diode unusable. The transformation from Schottky contact to ohmic contact is attributed to graphite formation at the interface.

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Prof. Chris Theron,Department of Physics, University of Pretoria, Email: chris.theron@up.ac.za

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Primary author

Mr Kinnock Vundawaka Munthali (University of Namibia)


Prof. Chris Theron (University of Pretoria) Mr Eric Njoroge (University of Pretoria) Prof. F. Danie Auret (University of Pretoria) Dr Linda Prinsloo (University of Pretoria) Mr Sergio Coellho (University of Pretoria)

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