14-18 December 2022
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
AfLS Membership Drive for our Partner Organizations

The African Light Source (AfLS) Foundation endeavors to progress African science and engineering, and to establish an advanced light source on the African continent, along with developing all the necessary human and institutional infrastructure.

Advanced light sources are the most transformational scientific facilities currently known, impacting fields from anthropology, biophysics, and chemistry, to Earth sciences, engineering, medicine, paleontology, physics, materials science, vaccinology, and zoology.  Investments in big science facilities are positively related to increasing national economic outputs, increasing efficiencies, greater attractiveness for investments –domestic and foreign, improvement in training and job opportunities, reduction of disease burdens, and ultimately increases in quality of life.

To answer the call of 'Africa Rising' and firm knowledge of the role for science and technology in society has driven the call for the African Light Source (AfLS)An advanced light source in Africa is vital if African governments and civil society are to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

US-Africa Science Diplomacy

With advanced light sources being global enterprises, and on the occasion the US-Africa Leaders Summit,  the African Light Source Foundation is working to facilitate connections between US-based African S&T professionals and those on the continent.

In the United States, African ex-pats and their progeny make up the most successful immigrant populations, and are greatly represented in S&T fields.  Research shows that off-spring of ex-pats born in the US long for a connection to their (grand-) parents' home country.  But being born and raised in the US, sometimes they have difficulty in doing so.

Therefore, again to make people connections across the continents, and to enlist more individuals and organizations to work towards and African Light Source, we organize this opportunity.



Participating Organisations

As advanced light sources support multiple disciplines, the AfLS partners Pan African scientific societies, which we are proud to count as supporters in our vision to establish an advanced light source on the African continent.

This is a membership sign-up portal for the African Light Source and our Partner Organizations on the occasion of the US-Africa Leadership Summit.





Registration for this event is currently open.