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The Proceedings of SAIP2021

The Proceedings of SAIP2021, the 65th Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics


ISBN: 978-0-620-97693-0

Publication Date: 04 April 2022

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Author names, Title (optional), in The Proceedings of SAIP2019, the 65th Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics, edited by Prof. Aletta Prinsloo, (UJ), pp. xxx - yyy. ISBN: 978-0-620-97693-0. Available online at http://events.saip.org.za

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Corrigenda to The Proceedings of SAIP2021, the 65th Annual Conference of the South African Institute Of Physics, ISBN: 978-0-620-97693-0

Full Research Papers from the SAIP2021 Proceedings

Division A - Division for Physics of Condensed Matter and Materials

63Cuq+ and 197Auq+ ion beam induced sputtering of ITO coated glass thin films at 0.1 MeV/u – 0.6 MeV/u SIMS energies

G T Mafa, T P Sechogela1 and M Msimanga

Theoretical Modelling of High Entropy Alloys

V Nolting

Spin-imbalances in non-magnetic nano-systems: Using non-equilibrium Green's function DFT to model spin-selective phenomena mediated by spin-orbit coupling.

W. Dednam, Linda A. Zotti, S. Pakdel, E. B. Lombardi1 and J. J.

Characterization of P3HT-CNT thin films for photovoltaic solar cell applications

Seithati Qotso, Pontsho Mbule and Bakang Mothudi

Computational Studies of Pentlandite Mineral: Structural and Dynamical Properties Probed by Molecular Dynamics

M A Mehlape, S P Kgalema and P E Ngoepe

Computational modelling studies of pentlandite (Fe4Ni5S8) (111) surface: Oxidation and hydration

S T Ntobeng, P P Mkhonto, M A Mehlape and P E Ngoepe

Effect of oxygen adsorption on the electronic properties of Li/MO2 (M= Ti, V, Mn) surfaces

Percy Ngobeni, Phuti Ngoepe and Khomotso Maenetja

Physical properties of the layered structure compound Ce3Os4Al12

RF Djoumessi, BN Sahu and AM Strydom

Evaluating the evolution of Ti5 cluster in LiCl medium

A F Mazibuko, P E Ngoepe and H R Chauke

Division B - Nuclear, Particle and Radiation Physics

The derivation of preliminary reference levels for natural radioactivity in drinking water surrounding nuclear sites

Thato B Molokwe

An investigation of over-training within semi-supervised machine learning models in the search for heavy resonances at the LHC

Benjamin Lieberman, Joshua Choma, Salah-Eddine Dahbi, Bruce Mellado, and Xifeng Ruan

Analysis of UOC for nuclear forensics using Scanning Electron Microscope

V Uushona, N D Mokhine, M Mathuthu, I Shuro, T G Kupi

South African contribution towards the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter PreProcessor

M G D Gololo1, F C Argos and B Mellado

Understanding two same-sign and three leptons with b-jets in four top quark events at the LHC

Thuso Mathaha, Abhaya Kumar Swain, Mukesh Kumar, Xifeng Ruan1, Bruce Mellado

The use of Semi-supervision in the search for heavy resonances with the Zy  final state at the LHC

Joshua Choma, Salah-Eddine Dahbi, Bruce Mellado, Xifeng Ruan

Background decomposition in Zy  events used in the search for high-mass resonances

N P Rapheeha, X Ruan , G Mokgatitswane, S Dahbi and B Mellado

Search for Zy  high-mass resonances using the ATLAS detector

G Mokgatitswane, S Dahbi, N P Rapheeha, B Mellado and X Ruan

Re-designing a radiation-tolerant low voltage power supply for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Phase-II Upgrade

E K Nkadimeng, R P Mckenzie, R van Rensburg, N Njara, T Lepota, O Mouane and B Mellado

Search for heavy resonances in the `+`􀀀`+`􀀀 ?final state in association with missing transverse energy p using pp collisions at s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector

H Tlou, A Fadol, B Mellado, O Mtintsilana and X Ruan

The replacement and refurbishment of Gap Scintillator Counters for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Phase I Upgrade

G Mokgatitswane, T J Lepota1 and B Mellado

Quality assurance testing of the ATLAS Tile-Calorimeter Phase-II upgrade low-voltage power supplies

R Mckenzie, E Nkadimeng, R Van Rensburg, T Lepota, N Njara1 and B Mellado

Search for a heavy pseudo-scalar decaying into a Z boson and another heavy scalar boson leading to four p lepton final states in pp collisions at s = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector

Onesimo Mtintsilana, Abdualazem Fadol, Humphry Tlou, Bruce Mellado and Xifeng Ruan

The anatomy of the multilepton anomalies at the LHC and a candidate for a singlet scalar

B Mellado

A compact neutron spectrometer for neutrons produced by cosmic rays

E Jarvie, A Buffler, T Hutton, Z Ndabeni, R Nndanganeni and C Vandevoorde

Machine learning approach for the search of resonances with topological features at the Large Hadron Collider

S E Dahbi, J Choma1, B Mellado, G Mokgatitswane, X Ruan and B Lieberman

Measurement of the photoabsorption cross section of 24Mg.

J A C Bekker, L Pellegri, M Wiedeking, P Adsley, R Neveling, L M Donaldson

A search for tWZ production in the trilepton channel using Run 2 data from the ATLAS experiment

Benjamin Warren

Statistical correlations impacting a top quark mass measurement in 13 TeV proton-proton collision data from the ATLAS detector

Kevin Nicholas Barends, Sahal Yacoob

Simplified Template Cross Section measurements of the V (H ! bb) process with the ATLAS detector at p s = 13 TeV

Ryan Justin Atkin, Sahal Yacoob

Simulation of the strip sub-detectors in the Inner Tracker of the ATLAS detector

Ryan Justin Atkin, Sahal Yacoob

Search for a heavy di-photon resonance in association  with b-jets with the ATLAS detector at the LHC

E. Shrif, X. Ruan, S. Dahbi and B. Mellado

Transfer reactions to populate the Pygmy Dipole Resonance (PDR) in 96Mo

T C Khumalo, L Pellegri , M Wiedeking , F Cappuzzello , M Cavallaro, D Carbone, R Neveling, A Spatafora

Search for the non-resonant Higgs-pair production in `+`􀀀`+`􀀀 ?nal state at p s = 13 TeV in the ATLAS detector

Abdualazem Fadol; , Yaquan Fang, Bruce Mellado and Xifeng Ruan

Search for a heavier Higgs like boson and a dark force boson using ATLAS experimental data.

X.G Mapekula

Activity Concentration Measurement of Naturally-Occurring Radionuclides in Various Vegetation plots in Rustenburg, South Africa

P O Olagbaju1, O B Wojuola1 and M V Tshivhase

Investigation of the relation between limit of detection and solid angle by measuring standard radioactive sources with a LaBr3:Ce detector

F van Niekerk, S R Johnson and P Jones

An estimation for the 4y  branching ratio of positronium using LaBr3:Ce scintillator detectors

S Johnson, T Leadbeater and P Jones

The possible use of Fibre Optic Sensors in Pressurized Water Reactors

B G Maqabuka, L Bedhesi, E Chinaka, S H Connell, G Daniels, P Naidoo1, D Nicholls, F Pieterse, J Slabber

Division C - Photonics

Nuclear translocation of Map Kinase and release of basic fibroblast growth factor following photobiomodulation at 660 nm in diabetic wounded cells

P Kasowanjete, N N Houreld and H Abrahamse

A comparison between photobiomodulation at 830 nm and 660 nm on differentiation in diabetic human skin fibroblast cells

O A Oyebode and N N Houreld

Facilitating iADMSC Differentiation into Neuronal Cells by Photobiomodulation Using Visible and Near-Infrared Wavelengths

Madeleen Jansen van Rensburg, Anine Crous, and Heidi Abrahamse

Increasing efficiency of photodynamic therapy in in vitro cultured colorectal cancer cells by improved photosensitizer uptake

N W Nkune, C A Kruger and H Abrahamse

Targeted Photodynamic Diagnosis of In Vitro Cultured Colorectal Cancer Cells

N W N Simelane, C A Kruger and H Abrahamse

Photobiomodulated Differentiation of Adipose-derived Stem Cells into Osteoblasts.

D Da Silva, A Crous and H Abrahamse

Dicoma anomala enhances the zinc phthalocyanine tetrasulphonic acid (ZnPcS4)  mediated photodynamic therapy in breast cancer cells

A Chota , B P George  and H Abrahamse 

Effects of photodynamic therapy on A375 Melanoma cells using aluminium phthalocyanine photosensitizer

B Mkhobongo, R Chandran and H Abrahamse

Inhibition of Lung Cancer Migration and Invasion Using a Gold Nano Photosensitizer Conjugate

Anine Crous, and Heidi Abrahamse

Division D - Astrophysics & Space Science

Kinematics and star formation histories of brightest cluster galaxies

S A Nkosi and S I Loubser

Probing dark matter in the Madala model using radio observations

R K Temo and G M Beck

Diffusing assumptions in astroparticle physics

M Sarkis and G Beck

Studying patched spacetimes for binary black holes

J Tarrant and G Beck

Simulating the enrichment of cosmological gas: incorporating a new chemical enrichment model in Simba

R T Hough, D Rennehan, S I Loubser1, A Babul and R Dave

Galaxy evolution in the local universe: studying the complete local-volume groups sample (CLoGS)

CD Stevens, K Kolokythas, SI Loubser

A study of the lobes of the radio galaxy Hydra A using MeerKAT observations

M A Naidoo, D A Prokhorov, P Marchegiani, A W Chen1, S Makathini1, P Serra and W J G de Blok 

Optical emission line properties of some little-known Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies

Bynish Paul, Hartmut Winkler and Stephen B Potter

SALT spectroscopy to measure the abundances of gas-rich galaxies in Fornax A

K Mosia and S I Loubser

Spatio-kinematics of the massive star forming region NGC6334I during an episodic accretion event

J M Vorster, J O Chibueze, T Hirota

Optical spectropolarimetry monitoring of flaring blazars

J Barnard1, B van Soelen, J Cooper, R J Britto, J P Marais, I P van der Westhuizen1, D A H Buckley, H M Schutte, M Bottcher3, B Vaidya, S Acharya and A Martin-Carrillo

Investigating the orbital parameters of the gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057

N Matchett, B van Soelen1 and R O Gray

A multi-band view on the evolution of group central galaxies

K Kolokythas, E O'Sullivan, I Loubser, A Babul, S Raychaudhury and S Vaddi

Potential of the MeerKAT telescope to detect the stimulated decay of axion-like particles

A Ayad and G Beck

Dark coupling: cosmological implications of interacting dark energy and dark matter uids

M A van der Westhuizen, A Abebe

The Effect of Dark Matter During the Cosmic Dawn

M Kgoadi and G Beck

Remote Sensing of Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) over Pretoria, South Africa.

Z Faniso, E Magimisha and T Malatji 

Daily global solar radiation estimation using artificial intelligence approach

Y T Olorunfemi, O B Wojuola and J A Adesina

Division E - Physics For Development, Education and Outreach

Polarising questions in the Force Concept Inventory

Anna Chrysostomou, Emanuela Carleschi, Alan S. Cornell and Wade Naylor

Classification of sound conceptions

D B Fish, T R Anderson, S Aalih and N Pelaez 

Grade 11 Physical Sciences learners’ perceptions of scientific inquiry

R Zunga and S Ramaila

Music, context-based inquiry, and computer simulation as engagement strategy

Grace Djan and Miriam Lemmer

Science teachers’ beliefs about the impact of 4IR on their classroom practices

L Mavuru

Quantum technology: A potential tool for development in Africa

Mhlambululi Mafu and Makhamisa Senekane

The global Gender Gap project: fair treatment, and some recommendations for South Africa

I M A Gledhill, G Butcher, S Ponce-Dawson, R Ivie and S White

South Africa and the joint data-backed study of publication patterns of the Global Gender Gap project

I M A Gledhill

Inaugural Quantum Computing School in Lesotho: Its impact and the Lessons Learnt

Naleli Matjelo and Makhamisa Senekane

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Machine Learning for economic growth in Africa

Keaotshepha Karabo and Mhlambululi Mafu

Evolution of the 3rd Year Physics Major Project at WITS

Jonathan M Keartland

Modular logic gate emulator for on-line laboratory

Marco Mariola

The South African Institute of Physics (SAIP) Benchmark Statement and physics graduate preparedness: A case study of the University of the Western Cape

Bako Nyikun Audu and Delia Marshall

Division F - Applied Physics

The development of a real-time Monitoring system for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Phase-II Upgrades

M G D Gololo, F C Argos and B Mellado

Integration of the ALTI module in the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter system

Humphry Tlou and Bruce Mellado

Quality control software development for testing the next generation of upgraded low voltage power supplies for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter

E Nkadimeng, R Mckenzie, R van Rensburg, N Njara, T Lepota, O Moaune and B Mellado

Programming the load readout board micro-controllers used in the development of a Burn-In test bench for the ATLAS TileCal Phase-II Upgrade

Nkosiphendule Njara, Bruce Mellado, Edward Nkadimeng, Thabo Lepota, Ryan Mckenzie and Roger van Rensburg

The characterization and functionality of the interface boards used in the burn-in test station for the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Low Voltage Power Supplies Phase-II upgrade

T J Lepota, E Nkadimeng, R Mckenzie, N Njara, R Van Rensburg and B Mellado

A Burn-in test station for the ATLAS Tile-calorimeter low-voltage power supply transformer-coupled buck converters

R Mckenzie, E Nkadimeng, R Van Rensburg, T Lepota, N Njara and B Mellado

Heat Transfer Enhancement of a Thermal Interface Material for Heat Sink Applications Using Carbon Nanotubes

O Mouane, E Nkadimeng, R Mckenzie, R Van Rensburg, E Sideras-Haddad and B Mellado

Digital data acquisition system for neutron metrology

Chloe Sole, Andy Buffler, Tanya Hutton, Tom Leadbeater, Vincent Gressier and Richard Babut

Development of 18F Radiochemistry for Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT)

A Camroodien, M van Heerden, S Nair and T Leadbeater

Solar irradiance in Gauteng during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown – can we detect decreased aerosol loading?

Charles H Fourie, Hartmut Winkler and Kittessa Roro

Enhancing Zinc Oxide gas sensing device for microcontroller application

Sanele S Gumede, Lungisani Phakathi and Betty Kibirige

A new fast neutron facility for materials analysis at UCT

Sizwe Mhlongo, Andy Buffler, Tanya Hutton and Zina Ndabeni

Enhancing PEPT: high fedelity analysis with augmented detection

R S van der Merwe  and T W Leadbeater

Plasma Diagnostics of Miniaturised DC Glow Discharge Thruster Concept

Maheen Parbhoo and Philippe Ferrer

Performance analysis of thin-film photovoltaic (PV) technologies in an embedded generation network

R P Roodt, E E van Dyk, J L Crozier McCleland and F J Vorster

Evaluation of PV power forecasting models using temperature data

L Masevhe, J K Kirui and N E Maluta

An experimental study of a combined solar cooking and thermal energy storage system for domestic applications

K A Lentswe, A Mawire, P Owusu, A B Shobo

Division G – Theoretical  And Computational Physics

Fitting the relic density with dimension-five contributions

L Mason, A S Cornell, A Deandrea, T Flacke and B Fuks

Quasinormal modes in the large angular momentum limit: an inverse multipolar expansion analysis

A Chrysostomou and A S Cornell

Generating function approach to Open Quantum Walks

Ayanda Zungu, IIya Sinayskiy, Francesco Petruccione

GHZ state generation via projected squeezed states with dephasing

B Alexander and M Tame

Investigating a New Approach to Quasinormal Modes: Physics-Informed Neural Networks

A M Ncube, G E Harmsen and A S Cornell

Random number generation using IBM quantum processors

C Strydom and M S Tame

Effect of Ti content on the magnetic and mechanical properties of B2 FeCo alloy: a DFT study

T M Ledwaba, R G Diale, P E Ngoepe and H R Chauke

Bianchi Type-V model in Rn-gravity: A dynamical systems approach

T Tsabone and A Abebe

Three-party reference frame independent quantum key distribution with an imperfect source

Comfort Sekga and Mhlambululi Mafu

B and D meson Suppression and Azimuthal Anisotropy in a Strongly Coupled Plasma at
p sNN = 5:5 TeV

B A Ngwenya and W A Horowitz

Factorisation in Heavy Ion Collisions

W. A. Horowitz

Cosmological Models in Gravitational Scalar-Tensor Theories

Heba Sami and Amare Abebe