22-30 July 2021
North-West University
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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A Burn-in test station for the ATLAS Phase-II Tile-calorimeter low-voltage power supply transformer-coupled buck converters

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Potchefstroom Campus (North-West University)

Potchefstroom Campus

North-West University

Poster Presentation Track F - Applied Physics Applied Physics


Ryan Mckenzie (University Of the Witwatersrand) Edward Nkadimeng (University of the Witwatersrand)


The upgrade of the ATLAS hadronic tile-calorimeter (TileCal) Low-Voltage Power
Supply (LVPS) falls under the high-luminosity LHC upgrade project. This presentation serves
to provide a detailed overview of the development of an endurance (Burn-in) test station for
use on an upgraded LVPS component known as a Brick. These Bricks are radiation hard
transformer-coupled buck converters that function to step-down bulk 200 VDC power received
from technical cavern USA15 to 10 VDC on-detector. This 10 VDC is then converted again
by Point-of-Load (POL) regulators to the voltages required by the front-end electronics of
TileCal. To ensure the reliability of the Bricks, once installed within TileCal, an electronic
accelerated aging (Burn-in) test station has been designed and built. The Burn-in test-station
functions to shift newly produced electronics out of the infant-mortality failure region, thereby
improving the reliability of the components once installed. This is achieved by exposing the Bricks to
operating conditions that exceed those of typical use. This results in components that would
fail prematurely within TileCal failing instantly thereby allowing for their replacement. The
Burn-in station is of a fully custom design in both its hardware and software. Both of these
topics will be explored in detail with the presentation culminating in a discussion of the Burn-in
test procedure.

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Primary authors

Ryan Mckenzie (University Of the Witwatersrand) Edward Nkadimeng (University of the Witwatersrand) Bruce Mellado (University of the Witwatersrand) Roger van Rensburg (Wits)


Thabo Lepota (University of the Witwatersrand) Mr Nkosiphendule Njara (School of Physics, University of the Witwatersrand)

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