12-15 July 2011
Saint George Hotel
Africa/Johannesburg timezone

One-way Quantum Computing with Photonic Orbital Angular Momentum

13 Jul 2011, 14:45


Oral Presentation Track G - Theoretical and Computational Physics Theoretical


Ms Humairah Bassa (UKZN)


One-Way Quantum computing is based on the preparation of certain entangled states of several particles, which are subsequently individually measured. The measurements serve to process information as well as to read out the final result of the computation. The implementation with  OAM carrying photons is based on the usage of qubits (only two OAM values are relevant) but is a first step towards the implementation of  a generalized form of One-Way Quantum computing by means of qudits (involving more then two OAM values).

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Primary authors

Ms Humairah Bassa (UKZN) Prof. Thomas Konrad (UKZN)

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