7-11 July 2014
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Towards a crystal undulator

8 Jul 2014, 17:10
1h 50m
D Ring ground level

D Ring ground level

Board: B.429
Poster Presentation Track B - Nuclear, Particle and Radiation Physics Poster1


Prof. Simon Connell (University of Johannesburg)

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SH Connell, Jürgen Härtwig, Dazmen Mavunda, Thu Nhi Thran Thi

The CUTE FP7 project proposes to produce ultimately a MeV range gamma ray laser by the FEL principal in a crystal undulator. The GeV range electron beam would need to be captured in a high index crystallographic channel of a crystal superlattice, in such a way that the varying electrostatic crystalline field would resemble a Tesla range periodically varying magnetic field with a few micron pitch, when viewed in the reference frame of the undulating electron or positron. We have investigated a prototype diamond superlattice using x-ray diffraction topography. The undulator fabrication principle involved CVD growth of diamond on a diamond substrate while varying the concentration of boron in the gas phase during growth. This should lead to the periodic variation of the lattice dilatation by the varying concentration of the single substitutional boron impurity atom. The validation via x-ray diffraction topography proved non-trivial but was eventually promising.

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Prof. Simon Connell (University of Johannesburg)


Mr Action Mavaure Dr Dazmen Mavunda (NECSA and UJ) Prof. Juergen Haertwig (ESRF, University of Johannesburg) Dr Thu Nhi Thran Thi (ESRF)

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