7-11 July 2014
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Multi-wavelength classification of unidentified AGN in the Fermi 2LAC catalogue

8 Jul 2014, 17:10
1h 50m
D Ring ground level

D Ring ground level

Board: D1.343
Poster Presentation Track D1 - Astrophysics Poster1


Ms Lizelke Klindt (University of the Free State)

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The observation and modelling of Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) provides useful insight on the evolution of active galaxies and the mechanisms present in super massive black holes and jets. We are commencing with a long term campaign to identify and study possible counterparts to the unidentified sources in the Fermi-LAT 2LAC catalogue, through optical photometric and spectroscopic observations. The optical data will be obtained with telescopes such as the Boyden 1.5-m, SAAO 1.9-m telescope and SALT. The results of this campaign can then be used for the multi-wavelength follow-up studies of selected AGN counterparts in order to construct a radio to gamma-ray Spectral Energy Distribution (SED). The selection criteria of the candidate sources are briefly discussed along with the preliminary results obtained from observations to date.

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Brian van Soelen vansoelenb@ufs.ac.za
University of the Free State

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Primary author

Ms Lizelke Klindt (University of the Free State)


Dr Brian van Soelen (University of the Free State) Prof. Pieter Meintjes (University of the Free State)

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