8-12 July 2013
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Electrospun polyehylene oxide nanocomposite fibers reinforced withVO2 nanoparticles: Fabrication and optical analysis

9 Jul 2013, 17:40
Poster Presentation Track A - Division for Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Poster1


Ms Aline SIMO (PHD Student)

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The manufacturing of pure polyethylene fibers and electric PEO/VO2 nanocomposite fibers is explored by an electrospinning process. A uniform, bead-free fiber production process is developed by optimizing electrospinning conditions: polymer concentration, applied electric voltage. The experiments demonstrate that slight changes in operating parameters may result in significant variations in the fiber morphology and nanoparticules density. The nanocomposite fibers were characterized by optical electron microscopy,X-ray diffraction (XRD)and UV-Vis Spectrometer. Significant effecton the crystallinity of PEO and a strong interaction between PEO and VO2 nanoparticles is demonstrated. The electrical properties of the nanoparticles in the polymer nanocomposite fibers are different from those of the dried as received nanoparticles.

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Prof Malik Maaza

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Ms Aline SIMO (PHD Student)


Prof. Maaza Malik (iThemba LABS Laboratory Research South Africa)

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