18-20 November 2020
Hosted virtually by the AfLS & AfPS
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
AfLS2020 and AfPS2020 - Towards a brighter future
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Joint virtual Workshop Event for the
The African Synchrotron Light Source (AfLS2020)
and the 
African Physical Society (AfPS2020) 
towards a brighter future

The AfLS3 and the AfPS2020 were due to be held in Kigali, Rwanda, from 16th - 21st November 2020. However, due to the current COVID-19 global scenario, this is postponed provisionally to   AfLS3 from 15th - 20th November 2021.

We now present the AfLS2020 - AfPS2020 Virtual Workshop with a restricted agenda from the 18th - 20th November.  This site focusses on the AfLS2020 event, with the AfLS2020 / AfPS2020 overlap. For the AfPS2020 websire, please go here.

Previous AfLS Conferences were the second African Light Source Conference (AfLS2) held in Accra, Ghana, from 28 Jan - 3 Feb 2019, which in turn followed first African Light Source Conference and Workshop (AfLS1) held at the ESRF in Grenoble in November 2015. 

During the AfLS1, the roadmap towards the ultimate establishment of an AfLS was developed, together with a Steering Committee which had both a large African and global footprint. The Roadmap relates to developing the user base, the projects, deep capacity building, promoting networks, scientific and technical exchanges, building associated local infrastructural capacity, raising the profile of the project politically and developing the Pan African strategic plan with African leadership. AfLS2 built on these foundations, in particular, developing the Pan-African and socio-political aspects, while the science and the motivation grew ever stronger.

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The African Light Source virtual workshop will review the light source based science and further progress the vision of an African Light Source. This conference will cover topics that include Medical Sciences, Heritage Sciences, Geosciences, Environmental sciences, Energy Sciences, Nano Sciences, Materials Sciences, Mineral Sciences, Accelerator and Detector Sciences, Competitive Industry, Capacity Building and Infrastructures. There will also be sessions on the strategy and vision for an African light source. Details on the AfLS project are here.

Participants will be African scientists and students, and also the international colleagues, who have conducted research related to or enabled by the crystal state of matter, and also research enabled by modern Light Sources. The strategic components of both conferences includes policy-making sessions.

Both English and French speaker African scientists are welcome to attend the conference. The conference will be in both languages (English and French), even though most presentations and discussions will be in English. 
Programme Outline
The programme is available from the Programme link in the left hand menu. The programme details, as they are updated, are available in the Timetable link on the left hand menu.
Students and Early Career Scientists welcome
Students and Early Career Scientists who would like to attend should register and in addition apply for support for on-line data using the link in the left panel.

Language Policy
All languages are welcome to attend the conference (the conference can be both in French and English as international languages).

The AfLS3 conference is supported by:

For more information on sponsorship, contact the organising committee by mail at afls@saip.org.za. Various sponsorship packages available.
Hosted virtually by the AfLS & AfPS
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