2-5 May 2017
Florida Science Campus (UNISA)
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
The symposium is in memory of the late Prof. SA Sofianos, a distinguished Physicist who served UNISA and the Few-body Physics community all his life.
Universality of Science Principle
SAIP adheres to the ICSU Principle of Universality in Science.  SAIP understands that Internationals make important contributions to the advancement of science and physics in South Africa. Meaningful collaborations with international scientists is fundamental for the development of science in South Africa.  
No delegates applying to participate in SOFIANOS2017 symposium will be excluded from participation based solely on the grounds of religion, gender, national origin or citizenship.

VISA to South Africa are issued by the South African Department of Home Affairs. When applying for a VISA delegates will require a letter confirming registration and payment for the conference. An invitation letter will be issued by the Local Organising Committee.
Where the need arises an announcement of the conference and requests will also be sent to South African consular representatives abroad requesting them to issue visas to delegates provided all the visa requirements are met.
The applicant will be required to submit this letter of invitation along with other documentation in time. Click Here For More Information on How to Apply For South African Visa