23-27 September 2013
Necsa's Visitor Centre
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
Aim of Workshop (25 - 27 September):

  1. VGStudioMAX 2.2 software is a very high level sophisticated software package that allows for 3D evaluation of image stacks (e.g., a series of tomograms).  The program is not trivial and cannot be learned by researchers overnight.  This industry-standard software package is an evaluation tool requiring training for all South African tomography equipment instrument scientists.  It is utilized by a minority of researchers on a daily basis, and is presently being supported by the instrument scientists.  
    The requested workshop will:
    • Fulfill a growing need by more users for in depth knowledge and
    • Enabling a greater number of instruments scientists to gain the necessary familiarity with using the software package.
  2. Reduced costs for South African scientists and researchers to be trained on VGStudioMAX software and effective utilization thereof.
  3. Training schedule for such a workshop:
    Topics – all participants Topics – workshops
    (3 days) (1/2 day per session)
    Basics of CT Nominal/Actual Comparison
    Basics of VGStudio MAX Metrology (Overview)
    Data import
    Surface extraction
    Visualization Wall Thickness Analysis
    Measurements and Surfaces Porosity/Inclusion Analysis
    3D animation   
    Course objectives:
    • To understand what information CT data contains and how to derive this information from data sets using VGStudio MAX.
    • To add prior knowledge about the scanned object to improve or add to the analysis results.
    • To be familiar with the basics of VGStudio MAX (including add-on modules), understanding when it is a suitable choice for an application, and when it is not a suitable choice.
    • To understand which factors affect the accuracy of analysis / measurement results and how to deal with them.
    • To perform analyses and measurements effectively and accurately, and to document results with image, reports and movies.