12-15 July 2011
Saint George Hotel
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The Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP) Physics at University of the Western Cape (UWC): Giving students’ access to study the physical sciences in higher education, particularly further studies in physics.

15 Jul 2011, 08:30


Oral Presentation Track E - Physics Education Education


Dr Mark Herbert (University of the Western Cape)


This paper addresses what has been done in the Science Faculty at the University of the Western Cape (UWC). The Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP) Physics at UWC centers its focus on giving students access to the studies of the Physical Sciences and improving their success. The paper notes that the incoming students enter university with educational disadvantage backgrounds. For this reason the ECP Physics has undertaken an initiative to address this under-preparedness by aligning with the UWC graduate attributes to produce good quality graduates. Central to addressing the students’ under-preparedness, the ECP Physics makes an effort to create a learning environment that is conducive to meaningful learning. In this way, a good foundation is laid for further studies in Physical Sciences. Students are oriented as soon as they come in to the Physics classes about their role and the lectures role in their learning. In the paper, discussion on how the curriculum, learning outcomes, learning activities, assessments of the learning activities and the research into teaching and learning are aligned to the graduate attributes. Data will be collected through a survey questionnaire about how the past and the current students perceive the ECP Physics learning environment and what their experiences are. The challenges that come across throughout the Physics course will be presented and discussed in depth.

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Primary author

Dr Mark Herbert (University of the Western Cape)


Ms Honjiswa CONANA (University of the Western Cape) Mr Trevor VOLKWYN (University of the Western Cape)

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