12-15 July 2011
Saint George Hotel
Africa/Johannesburg timezone

Reactive DC magnetron sputter deposition and characterization of ZrN thin films

13 Jul 2011, 17:00


Poster Presentation Track A - Condensed Matter Physics and Material Science Poster1


Mr Thembinkosi Goodman Nyawo (University of Zululand)


ZrN films were deposited on Si<100> substrates, Al and brass strips by DC magnetron sputtering under varying conditions of power, pressure, argon and nitrogen gas flow rates as well as temperature and characterized by SEM, AFM, RBS, resonant RBS, and XRD. The films are transparent and semiconducting. They tend to absorb oxygen. The films were found to adhere well to the substrates. The colour of the films varied depending on deposition conditions and have been expressed in the Lab* colour system. Potential uses of such films are as protective hard coatings as well as decorative layers.

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Primary author

Mr Thembinkosi Goodman Nyawo (University of Zululand)


Prof. Muzi Ndwandwe (University of Zululand)

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