12-15 July 2011
Saint George Hotel
Africa/Johannesburg timezone

Ultrafast Transient Absorption measurements on Indoline D149 Dye

14 Jul 2011, 17:00


Poster Presentation Track C - Lasers, Optics and Spectroscopy Poster2


Mr Egmont Rohwer (Stellenbosch University)


D149 Dye has proven to be an effective photo-absorber for use in dye sensitized solar cells. Pump-probe measurements were conducted on D149 dye as well as D149 adsorbed to Zinc Oxide semi-conducting particles. Ultrafast dynamics on a sub-ps time scale, easily resolved by the current experimental setup at the LRI, were observed in both samples. Significant quenching of the excited state dynamics of the D149 molecule was seen in samples adsorbed to Zinc oxide, indicating the occurence of intermolecular charge transfer of photo-excited electrons from the singlet excited state of the D149 molecule and subsequent injection into the conduction band of the Zinc Oxide particles.

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Primary author

Mr Egmont Rohwer (Stellenbosch University)

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