from 28 June 2015 to 3 July 2015 (Africa/Johannesburg)
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
SAIP2015 Proceeding published on 17 July 2016

The Proceedings of the 60th Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP2015)

ISBN: 978-0-620-70714-5

Publication Date: 17 July 2016

The Proceedings of SAIP2015 will only be available electronically. The papers are ordered by SAIP Division and then alphabetically by first author surname. The PDF file of the Proceedings can be navigated from the Table of Contents by clicking on the appropriate paper title. Alt+left arrow navigates back to the previous view. All the content of the PDF file is searchable.

Citation information:

Author names, Title (optional), in The Proceedings of the 60th Annual Conference of the South African Institute of Physics (SAIP2015), edited by Makaiko Chithambo (RU) and André Venter (NMMU) (2015), pp. xxx - yyy. ISBN: 978-0-620-70714-5.
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Complete SAIP2015 Proceedings

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Addendum to the SAIP2015 Proceedings

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Full Research Papers from the SAIP2015 Proceedings

Division A – Division for Physics of Condensed Matter and Materials

Abraham W. Barnard, Walter E.Meyer, F. Danie Auret, Phuti N.M. Ngoepe and Sergio M.M. Coelho
N A Bhebhe, M Mujaji, D Wamwangi, L F Koao and F B Dejene
M.H. Chuma, H.R. Chauke, G. Jones and P.E. Ngoepe
E Hasabeldaim, O M Ntwaeaborwa, R E Kroon and H C Swart
Itegbeyogene P Ezekiel, Thomas Moyo and Hafiz M I Abdallah
BS Jacobs, AD Faceto, CJ Sheppard, ARE Prinsloo, PC de Camargo and AJA de Oliviera
L F Koao, F B Dejene and H C Swart
EFM Kombe-Atang and ML Chithambo
R R Maphanga, P E Ngoepe, C R A Catlow and S M Woodley
MW Maswanganye, KE Rammutla, TE Mosuang, BW Mwakikunga, TS Bertrand and M Maaza
M AMehlape, P E Ngoepe and S C Parker
ZP Mudau, ARE Prinsloo, CJ Sheppard, AM Venter and EE Fullerton
A F. Mulaba-Bafubiandi and P X D A Hlekane
A F Mulaba – Bafubiandi
Winfred M. Mulwa, Cecil N.M.Ouma, Martin O. Onani, Francis B. Dejene
GM Dongho Nguimdo and Daniel P Joubert
V Nolting
A. Nyirenda, M.L. Chithambo
Nadir S E Osman, Neeta Thapliyal, Thomas Moyo and Rajshekhar Karpoormath
Cecil N M Ouma and Walter E Meyer
ARE Prinsloo, CJ Sheppard, HA Derrett, N van den Berg and EE Fullerton
M J Thebe, S J Moloi and M Msimanga
S M Tunhuma ,F D Auret ,M J Legodi and M Diale
X.L.Yan, Y. Liu, H.C. Swart, J.Y. Wang, J.J. Terblans
X.L.Yan, Y. Liu, H.C. Swart, J.Y. Wang, J.J. Terblans

Division B – Nuclear, Particle and Radiation Physics

D M Adamiak, W A Horowitz
Mitchell A. Cox and Bruce Mellado
T. S. Dinoko, T. D. Bucher, E. A. Lawrie, J. Easton, N. Erasmus, S. P. Noncolela, O. Shirinda
T.P. Gina, S.A. Groenewald , W.R. Joubert , S.H. Connell
Deepak Kar
K F Kasoga, D A Mwalongo, S F Sawe, M M Nyaruba and U Dammalapati
C O Kureba, X Ruan, M Spoor, M Govender, I Hofsajer, B Mellado and C Sandrock
C. O. Kureba, X. Ruan and B. Mellado
D Marais, A M Venter and J Markgraaff
Bruce Mellado
Bruce Mellado, Luis March, Xifeng Ruan
D Ohene-Kwofie, E Otoo and B Mellado
C. Pelwan, H. Jivan, D. Joubert, J. Keartland, M. Madhuku, B. Mellado, G. Peters, K. Sekonya, E. Sideras-Haddad
Robert G. Reed, Stefan Von Bruddenbrock, Deepak Kar, Bruce Mellado
Robert Graham Reed, Bruce Mellado
Marc Sacks, Bruce Mellado

Division C – Photonics

S M Ayuk, H Abrahamse and N N Houreld
Jessymol K Thomas, Reetanjali Moharana and Soebur Razzaque
Vijay Kumar, Sudipta Som, Somrita Dutta, Hendrik C Swart
WI Ndebeka, PH Neethling, CM Steenkamp, H Stafast, EG Rohwer
Anurag Pandey, R. E. Kroon and H. C. Swart
S. Qhumayo and R. Martinez

Division D1 – Astrophysics

M Breed, C Venter and A K Harding
Feraol F. Dirirsa, Richard J. Britto and Soebur Razzaque
A Elagali, R C Kraan-Korteweg and M E Cluver
C A Engelbrecht and F A M Frescura
L Klindt, B van Soelen, PJ Meintjes and P Vaisanen
Jacques Maritz, Pieter Meintjes, Sarah Buchner, Natalia Lewandowska
Reetanjali Moharana, Richard J. Britto, Soebur Razzaque
T.S. Mulaudzi , N.E. Maluta , V Sankaran and F Nemangwele
N.W. Pekeur, R. Taylor, S.B. Potter and R.C. Kraan-Korteweg
A F Rajoelimanana, P A Charles, P J Meintjes and L J Townsend
Toky H. Randriamampandry, Claude Carignan, Francoise Combes and Nathan Deg
A. L. Ratsimbazafy, C. M. Cress, S. M. Crawford, M. Smith
A S Seyffert, C Venter, A K Harding, J Allison and W D Schutte
I P van der Westhuizen, B van Soelen, P J Meintjes, S J P K Riekert and J H Beall
B van Soelen, P Vaisanen, I Sushch, L Klindt, PJ Meintjes, A. Odendaal and R. Armstrong
Hartmut Winkler

Division D2 – Space Science

E Matandirotya, P J Cilliers, and R R Van Zyl
S C Ndlovu, L Combrinck, N P Nkosi and R C Botha

Division E – Education

C Albers, D Clerk and D Naidoo
V M Baloyi, W E Meyer and E Gaigher

Division F – Applied Physics

T V Chabata, D Kiboi Boiyo, E K Rotich Kipnoo, R R G Gamatham, A W R Leitch, T B Gibbon
Marie Chantal Cyulinyana and Hartmut Winkler
S T S Dlamini
P Dobreva, E E van Dyk and F J Vorster
L J B Erasmus, H C Swart, J J Terblans and R E Kroon
I.M.A. Gledhill, H. Roohani, A. Biobaku and B. Skews
M S Herbert
G M Isoe, E K Rotich, R R G Gamatham, A W R Leitch and T B Gibbon
B Kibirige
M Mariola, Y Ismail, A Mirza, F Petruccione
M Mariola, F Petruccione
M Okullo, F J Vorster, E E van Dyk and J L Crozier
F Otieno, K Kamalakannan, M Airo and D Wamwangi

Division G – Theoretical and Computational Physics

Kossi Amouzouvi and Daniel Joubert
André E Botha and Wynand Dednam
W Dednam, C Sabater, M A Fernandez, C Untiedt, J J Palacios, M J Caturla
Gerhard Erwin Harmsen
JM Hartman, SH Connell and F Petruccione
Mhlambululi Mafu
Mhlambululi Mafu, Makhamisa Senekane, Kevin Garapo and Francesco Petruccione
N.E. Maluta, N. Mphephu, V. Sankaran, T.S. Mulaudzi, F. Nemangwele
Thabiso Lekoko, Thuto Mosuang, and Erasmus Rammutla
JA Nöthling, TPJ Krüger and T Mancal
Soebur Razzaque
V Semin, F Petruccione
Stefan von Buddenbrock