13-19 March 2016
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Plan for a VLBI antenna in Tahiti from 2018

Presented by Dr. richard BIANCALE on 14 Mar 2016 from 10:35 to 10:50
Type: Oral Presentation
Track: 1: Advances in VGOS Stations and Technology


It is known that the VLBI Global Observing System (VGOS) network suffers from a lack of implementation in the South Pacific area. It is why GRGS was considering setting up a VLBI antenna in Tahiti in cooperation with NASA. There is an existing geodetic observatory (OGT) in the campus of the French Polynesian University (UPF) which was created in 1998 in a tripartite cooperation between UPF, NASA and CNES. It gathers several geodetic instruments such as the NASA’s MOBLAS-8 station, a DORIS master beacon and several GNSS receivers. But there is not enough room to install a VLBI antenna, moreover in an environment surrounded by many buildings or houses. That is why we explored other hosting possibilities for a NASA's VLBI2010 antenna and other new geodetic instruments (SLR-NG, Regina GNSS, DORIS). Finally, we could find an adequate ground on the site of the Tahiti Nui Telecom (TNT) company. The project was submitted then to the French involved organisms: CNES, INSU-CNRS, OCA… and to NASA for further implementing studies. We propose to describe the state-of-the-art of this project for a possible realization from 2018 in addition to the core space geodetic network. Some simulation results will be presented as well in support to this project.