8-12 July 2013
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Evaluation of different models for the computation of regression coefficients to arrive at the global solar radiation data in the climatic condition of Vhembe District of Limpopo in South Africa. --WITHDRAWN--

Presented by Dr. Nnditshedzeni Eric MALUTA
Type: Poster Presentation
Session: Poster2
Track: Track F - Applied Physics


The growing demand in urban and rural areas of South Africa for energy has necessitated a high demand for the alternative sources of energy. Energy is considered as a key source for the future and plays a pivotal role in its socioeconomic development by raising the standard of living and the quality of life, in the world. In order to reduce the bad effects of climate changes, it is important to use the sources of renewable energy particularly the solar energy. For the efficient functioning and better performance of solar energy devices, the information of solar radiation and its components at particular location is very essential for designing the installation of solar energy devices. There are still a few solar radiation measurements stations available in South Africa. Therefore, the use of several empirical correlations is more appropriate to estimate the solar radiation falling at a particular area. In this work, an attempt has been made to estimate the solar regression coefficients (a and b), which can be used to estimate the global solar radiation at a particular location for climatic conditions of Vhembe District of Limpopo in South Africa. Bibliography 1. Olayinka S., Estimation of global and diffuse solar radiations for selected cities in Nigeria, International Journal of Energy and Environmental Engineering, Vol.2 (3), pp. 13 -33, 2011. 2. Ertekin C. and Yaldiz O., Comparison of some existing models for estimating global solar radiation for Antalya (Turkey). Energy Conversion and Management, 42, pp. 311 -330, 2000. 3. Rashid M.A., Mamun R.A., Sultana J., Hasnat A., Khan K.A. and Rahman M., Evaluating the solar radiation system under the climatic condition of Dhaka, Bangladesh and computing the Angstrom Coefficients, International Journal of natural Sciences, 2 (1), pp. 38 – 42, 2012.





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