8-12 July 2013
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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A Novel Mode of Current Switching Dependent on Activated Charge Transport

Presented by Mr. Stanley WALTON on 9 Jul 2013 from 16:20 to 16:40
Type: Oral Presentation
Session: Applied
Track: Track F - Applied Physics


We demonstrate a fully printed transistor with a planar triode geometry, using nanoparticulate silicon as the semiconductor material, which has a unique mode of operation as an electrically controlled two-way (double throw) switch. A signal applied to the base changes the direction of the current from between the collector and base to between the base and emitter. We further show that the switching characteristic results from the activated charge transport in the semiconductor material, and that it is independent of the dominant carrier type in the semiconductor and the nature of the junction between the semiconductor and the three contacts. The same equivalent circuit, and hence similar device characteristics, can be produced using any other material combination with non-linear current-voltage characteristics, such as a suitable combination of semiconducting and conducting materials, such that a Schottky junction is present at all three contacts. We present performance results for two design variants of the printed transistor and confirm our interpretation of the device’s operation by constructing a model circuit using individual varistors.






Prof. Margit Harting, margit.harting@uct.ac.za



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