8-12 July 2013
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Magnetic Symmetry for Hexagonal Manganite RMO3

Presented by Dr. Augusto MACHATINE, Mr. Prime NIYONGABO on 9 Jul 2013 from 17:40 to 18:40
Type: Poster Presentation
Session: Poster1
Track: Track A - Division for Condensed Matter Physics and Materials


We study the symmetry of hexagonal manganite RMO3 ( R = Sc, Y, Ho, Er, Tm) at room temperature with non-magnetic space group P63mc and below the transition temperature TN = 7 0 …130 K with magnetic space groups ( P6'3cm, P6'3c'm, P6'3 ) for parallel and (P63c'm', P63cm, P63) for anti-parallel orientation in planar -triangular structures. We calculate and tabulate the irreducible representations and the co-representations of non-magnetic and magnetic space groups respectively at high symmetry points and lines throughout the fundamental domain in the Brillouin zone. These irreducible representations and co-representations are the starting point in calculations of the coupling coefficients. They are also needed for structure elucidation in X-ray, electron and neutron diffraction experiments. The coupling coefficients are used in the calculation of material tensors, like Raman scattering tensors, Brillouin scattering, morphic effects in crystals, as well as non-linear magneto-optical properties. The selection rules and wave vector selection rules for these space groups are given.





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