4-8 July 2016
Kramer Law building
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
The Proceedings of SAIP2016 published on 24 December 2017
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Coupling of single neutron and proton configurations to collective core excitations in 162Yb.

Presented by Mr. Linda MDLETSHE on 6 Jul 2016 from 10:00 to 10:20
Type: Oral Presentation
Track: Track B - Nuclear, Particle and Radiation Physics


The detailed spectroscopy of <sup>162</sup>Yb was studied at iThemba LABS using the <sup>150</sup>Sm(<sup>16</sup>O, 4n)<sup>162</sup>Yb fusion-evaporation reaction. The 83 MeV <sup>16</sup>O beam was provided by the Separated Sector Cyclotron (SSC) and used to bombard 3 mg/cm<sup>2</sup> target. The gamma rays emitted from the reaction were detected using the AFRODITE gamma-ray spectrometer equipped with eight escape-suppressed clover detectors. The exact structure of the K<sup>π</sup>=2<sup>+</sup> γ bands has not been properly established and all recent theoretical descriptions do not involve vibrations of the nuclear shape. The last standard spectroscopy of <sup>162</sup>Yb was published in 1987[1]. The decay scheme resulted from this work shows that, the ground state band is known up to (28)ħ. However a very little is know about the K<sup>π</sup>=2<sup>+</sup> γ band where only the bandhead 2<sup>+</sup> level at 798 keV and 3<sup>+</sup> at 992 keV have been well established. The core nucleus <sup>162</sup>Yb has a very low-lying K<sup>π</sup>=2<sup>+</sup> γ band. Our aim is to search for the structures where an odd neutron or proton couple to this collective excitation. We also intend to look for extensions to the γ band and second vacuum O<sub>2</sub><sup>+</sup> band in <sup>162</sup>Yb. We further intend to search for high-K structures in <sup>162</sup>Yb. The data collected from this experiment is being analysed and the results will be discussed in the South African Institute of Physics conference. [1] J.N. Mo et al., Nucl. Phys. A624, 257 (1987)






Dr. S.S. Ntshangase NtshangaseS@unizulu.ac.za University of Zululand






Location: Kramer Law building
Address: UCT Middle Campus Cape Town
Room: LT3

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