8-12 July 2013
Africa/Johannesburg timezone
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Search for chirality in 193Tl

Presented by Mr. Joram NDAYISHIMYE on 9 Jul 2013 from 14:50 to 15:10
Type: Oral Presentation
Session: NPRP
Track: Track B - Nuclear, Particle and Radiation Physics


Chirality refers to an object or a system which is not identical to its mirror image and was proposed in atomic nuclei by Fauendorf and Meng. Nuclear chiral system is a triaxially deformed odd-odd nucleus where the collective rotational angular momentum favors alignment along the intermediate axis, while the odd proton and odd neutron (having particle and hole nature respectively), favor alignments along the nuclear short and long axes respectively. In the laboratory reference frame, a doublet ∆I = 1 bands with similar excitation energy levels and the same spins and parities are observed. Some chiral doublet bands were suggested in different mass regions and it was revealed at iThemba LABS that the Tl isotopes form a new region where chiral symmetry could develop. It was recently shown that 194Tl could perhaps be the best chiral candidate up to date. 193Tl as a neighbor of 194Tl is thus likely to be a very good chiral candidate. In order to extend the chirality studies in the 190 mass region and to continue the search for a pair of bands that fulfill all fingerprints of chirality, an experiment was performed at iThemba LABS to investigate the excited states in 193Tl using the 160Gd(37Cl,4n) reaction. The analysis to extend the level scheme, and to determine the spins and parities is in progress. We will present the results obtained so far.






Prof. S. M. Wyngaardt




Location: A1-38

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